Mythology of Apus

mythology of apus

This starving darkness devouring my whole life

my lady has forgotten me

in a grey universe.


Long ago disappeared the last star.

A language of pain is this night

made with a black veil.


I feel it fall, the point beyond the end

where only an old inertia remains.

And my Apus so far away.


In this kingdom the pleasures are ashes

and happiness is a place in the past.

Why does exist a reality like this?


In loveless lands a dragon prefers to sleep,

there is no reason for him to fly

anymore these empty skies


I would love to be again a rock against the rain

of a primitive world before men had voice.

But I’m just a forgotten boy.


I’m not even the shadow of a memory to my lady

and the night is time leaving a void inside

Why are my Apus so far away?




(Apus are sacred hills in the Andean highlands of what once was the Inca Empire and the empires before; they are the origin or producers of mankind, in this way to see the world there is no need of a god or gods creators of humanity)

16 thoughts on “Mythology of Apus

  1. Very impressive Francis! Yesterday i just wanted to make, a political and economic analysis on your comment about homeless people (in general you are right in what you say, but there are some economic political conditionings specific to Romania, which no one explained to you)! I hesitated and did not write (i did not want to upset you with contrary opinions), but it was good, because you had a poetry condition, which produced wonderful lyrics. For nothing in the world, i don’t wanted to disturb your state, that produced these lyrics! I think that is the first poem in a foreign language, which i perceived it totally! As a lover of poetry, i congratulate you!!!

    1. Hi Dan, please, don’t limit your opinion based in what I could think, always were are going times of disagreement. I made this post yesterday but was something I planned two days ago; my blog is independent of my interaction with other people on WordPress, except in few cases as a way of gratitude. So it’s ok, don’t worry and sorry for give an opinion unknowing more details in the Romanian situation.

      The words in this post are just words, I don’t know very well the English language and even more I don’t know the rules of poetry. They’re just a personal truth, I’m glad you find a poetry value in them, thank you.

      1. The essence of the poetic act is not represented by poetic rules, but the ability to induce in the reader’s mind, a lyrical image, through metaphors, through expresion that emphasize artistic senses of words. If succeed to create a rich lyrical image by a “few words”, then already have a poem with “white rhyme”. Adding rhythm and rhyme rules, then get a “classic” poem. In this case, lyrical image that you created, it is so clear, that it can be seen on she, all the feelings that you wanted to express. The beauty of poetry is not just in rhythm and rhyme of verses, but mostly in the image created, in the mind of the reader. You have a spirit that knows how to make “pictures”! For you, poetry would be simple as a playing! I wish you to try, to write more frequently such poems. Surely you are talented, and your soul will fly higher. About politics and economics, i can tell you that i’m passionate. Not as a practitioner, but as historical facts. I documented, i live in Europe, and i understood better what is the European Union, and what is position of Romania, and other states, in this mechanism. I would like to find time to make you a more detailed presentation. You may find surprising things!

      2. Thanks for you kind words, in any case I’m glad you can see it as a poetry. It’s just that when I write or take a photograph in this blog there is a quite different approach because it’s a diary. I didn’t wanted to create something esthetic, just simply something personal. It’s not my goal to create art but to say my truth, and I’ve done it since the beginning before this place had readers when it was a closed Microsoft space. For that reason I warn every kind visitor that doesn’t hope something nice, just something honest.
        I’m honored for the different congratulations to my words, but sadly they’re not fictions or pretty words (or perhaps they are pretty words too) but the things that are happening me in my life, from that point of view I find strange the congratulations, I’d prefer to be happy instead :/

      3. Maybe there are some problems in your life, wich sad you sometimes, but you succeeded own to make your professional and humane education. You have cultivated an elevated spirit, in a difficult environment. These are important achievements, which must be proud. These are problems that depended on you, and you hast resolved them. It is your personal victory, which is seen by Romania. Other problems is related to destiny, to luck, to the gods. With the gods, you can not fight. They can be defeated only in fantasy!

  2. @”But I’m just a forgotten boy… I’m not even the shadow of a memory to my lady…”

    fiction ou reality, FR?… ’cause most of the times, real life beats up any imagination… you already know that “apus” means “sunset” in Romanian… wish you lots of optimistic sunrises and positive sunsets…

    1. Of course :-) Apus was the first Romanian word you taught me. I don’t forget it.
      Her words were very warm but I have this belief that actions say the truth and words can take any shape, so with lack of communication her actions say me that I’m not that important…
      But better don’t think about that so much, as you wrote the imagination and reality are different subjects… Thanks Mélanita!

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