Metallic red


6 thoughts on “Metallic red

    1. Yes, it was a great moment, it would be perfect with some doves flying away in the sky of the background but when I get the camera that was lost. But still it was a nice composition :-)

    1. Oh, these photographs is in Arequipa city. I usually put that data in the tags, with the camera used. I guess in my city there are yoga schools too, but I’ve no searched. Thanks for the kindness Dan.

  1. A bit of radical red in a stoic world of geometric beauty :)
    There are yoga classes in Arequipa? Awesome!

    1. Yes, it’s an almost rebel yell :D
      Arequipa is very westerner, yesterday there was a guy, foreign, perhaps from an English speaking country, that said to another person that he teaches dance, or did he say he had a gym?, around there. Thanks :-)

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