12 thoughts on “Thin line crossing the sky

  1. Who knew that contamination could make something so pretty? But then again, you can usually see rainbows when you mix motor oil and water :)

    1. Strange, I have never seen motor oil XD, I will look for rainbows when I have an opportunity, thanks, Melissa :-) Now I remember that several things and animals the more beautiful or colorful the more dangerous (poison, toxins, toxics)

      1. It doesn’t have to be motor oil…it can just be an oil slick in water :) But you’re right about the toxic animals, especially reptiles (coral snakes, gabon vipers, etc) – amazing animals, but they can’t help it if they’re venomous :P

      2. Yes, but I’m about to call it an evening, though. The ride in from Chacha last night left me so tire…..zzzzzz

      3. Oh, well, then tomorrow I’d love to know if it’s Chacha of a some northern dancing rhythm or Chacha for Chachapoyas >:-D Have a good sleep ;-)

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