Once, in the days when I used to talk with my lady something happened, I felt that I had given so much importance to the work and lost a chance to talk with her… So I was so angry, in that moment two women, Jehovah’s witness, to predict the bible. Those aren’t my beliefs but for courtesy I always heard, forgetting my rule to don’t hear when I’m angry because I can say bitter words.

They say me about their bible and I replied to their arguments because I read the bible so I already know where is the counterargument of any argument. They said me that to know the true religion we should see the followers, I said them that I had relatives in their religion that speak against to lie or cheat but they do it anyway just changing in their minds the words to define their actions (“it’s not lie, it’s strategy”) and my classmates followers of that religion used to fight among them… so the women changed their initial argument and said me that as humans we are bond to our nature… I simulated hadn’t heard their first argument.

As I wrote when I’m angry I can use words in a bitter way so I make a subtle observation: “Why do you have to use skirts…?” so they replied because it was for respect to God they couldn’t use in that moment something modern, then I replied “but I see your men mates using modern clothes…” then they couldn’t reply and instead tried to change the theme. My society, in the native side, works as a Patriarchal-Matriarchal system, in this system if women has to dress like centuries of years ago then we men should to do the same; if men can go to the beach naked then women can go to the beach naked. Women in my family have been independent by thousands of years… I would feel rage if some religion or politic group would come to force them to be subjugated under us. For that reason when I read the genesis I always considered that the story about the forbidden fruit (it doesn’t say that it was an apple) was about the first lie when Adam said Eve was the responsible.

I know as well that Jehovah’s witness don’t believe in trinity, but I remembered that trinity is also a concept I cannot understand. In Aymara language we cannot say what we don’t know, so if someone says “In Finland the native race is blue colored” as I’ve never seen a blue person then I have to say in Aymara something like “It’s said that in Finland people is blue” so the concept of trinity always was an impossibility to me. When kid I understood the quantic principle of uncertainty, the example of the Schrodinger’s cat was perfect because in Aymara we have that notion of yes, no, and perhaps. My knowledge of Aymara language is quite limited but I grew up in an Aymara culture so even the Spanish is modified with the Aymara structure.

The Jehovah’ witness went to another doors. But I’ve learned the lesson so when some days after that came another preachers and I was still a bit conflicted I apologized and said I couldn’t receive them.

20 thoughts on “Trinity

  1. A gwonderful message! I have my own story about Jehovah Witnesses. Many years ago a lady invited me for a Scripture study, and I had nothing to do that night and accepted the invitation. After the study I was about to go home when I noticed a big red book next to the stove. Some pages were already missing. I had a closer look, and it was a copy of Bhagavat Gita. I asked where it came from and got an answer that a preacher came to their door and shared the book, but they didn’t want to read it so they found another use for it. I asked if I can collect the book ( I have never read it before) and they reluctantly gave it to me :) I should write a blog about this :)

    1. Oh, I feel attracted to the stories of several religions. I have a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and still I need to end to reading it. I understand that part in their reluctance to gave you the book, Jehovah’s witness believe firmly that theirs is the only true religion so they felt that read the book could be an offense to God and gave it to you could be a way to spread “idolatry,” I think the Bible in some books, as the book of Ruth, speaks against intolerance, although other parts strengthen the point of view of them. I’d love to read your chronicle, I still remember the time when you wrote about some young robbers and you knew his family :-)

      1. Thank you! :) You are right about their reluctance. Yet, I didn’t pick up Krishna after reading the book, I just read it to know what it is about, to have an opinion. I have read a Koran too. I read everything when I was young – how else would I know about things? I was not raised a Christian. I came to Christianity after learning from other religions and philosophies – not because someone told me what i have to believe in :) And after a couple of scripture studies I told these nice ladies that I cannot be a Jehovah Witness, and stated my reasons why. You are right, we should respect preachers, even if we won’t follow them, especially if we have no idea about their beliefs. The Bible teaches that if we have our beliefs we should stand up for them. It is why we have to choose our beliefs wisely.

      2. That’s an attitude I respect so much, to have beliefs in which we really put our heart and mind, not like the clothes we inherit from an older brother so we use it with resignation or tradition. My parents gave us freedom to choose our religions when we reached adulthood. Meanwhile they teach us about the different religions. I practice a native respect for nature and try to find balance in myself. I’ve read the bible, the beginning of Bhagavad Gita, the different ways of Christianity, books about Hinduism, Buddhism, Celtic gods, something of Zen, and also I’m informed in atheism and agnosticism. After all that I consider that above religions should be tolerance and respect for life. If a belief ask from us to stand up for it then I respect it, but if it says that we should kill or be killed by it then I think it couldn’t be a belief that could help us.

      3. Absolutely agree. If we ask in our heart either our belief makes us a better person, either we grow spiritually because of it, either we make a difference in the world and other people lives because of it – then we should stand up for it :)

  2. Nice post, Francis. You are right, sometimes we utter things that we then regret forever. We must always think before we speak or type out anything to those we cherish. Once we have lost them, then all we can do is regret it. Then no matter how sorry we are, or how many times we apologize, it does not matter. We cannot take back the words that we have flung out thoughtlessly.

    You know my thoughts about religion and I agree we must have an open mind. I cannot be a believer ever, but I do not try to convince the world to think as I do.

    Since someone else mentioned the Bhagavat Gita, I think it is apt that in Chapter 17 (verse 15) there is something that addresses this very thing.

    anudvega-karam vakyam
    satyam priya-hitam cha yat
    svadhyayabhyasanam chaiva
    van-mayam tapa ucyate

    (Be truthful, but not hurtful in your speech. Speak soothing words, follow the scriptures and then this shall be known as your austerity of speech).
    And oh, please don’t think I am religious in any form :) I read the Gita a long time ago and I firmly believe it is a part of the Upanishadic tradition of intellectual debate rather than some “holy” book. Others may differ in their evaluation of this epic, but I am happy with my notion of it :)

    1. Thanks Tejaswi for so valuable contribution :-) I always loved to understand the little I read in the context of somebody who truly read it. There is people here that read it but as part of a fashion to be vegetarians, just a recipe more found in the book of somebody else with Yoga classes and so on.
      Although I also have another rule, I never regret what I’ve done, I can feel bad, but if I could travel to the past I shouldn’t change it because I’d never learn to the present and future. Mistakes are valuable too. haha, I’ve to control this tongue of mine :-)

      1. That is what I used to say too when I was younger, that I would never ever regret anything. But as I grow older I find myself regretting a lot of things. I suppose that comes with age. ( Although, even I would not go back to the past and change anything. I would then lose so much of what I already have and that is not acceptable. Still, there is regret in a few things. A few things I could have done differently).

      2. I understand, I know our points of view can evolve and still I’m in a point when I can start again (I think) Also I’m open to be different in the future… I don’t know much about your life but for the bit I saw I think the future still is an interesting place filled with your projects and a group of young people anxious to build it. In the end we just learn to walk our own path I guess, If you have regretted to make a lot of things that also means you have learned a lot of their correspondent lessons. I admit to just have learned a few ones (don’t trust adults, everybody have a different point of view, differences mostly are excuses to separate to others, you never go back to the same place, and a few more)

  3. Then again, I’ve been biting my tongue a bit too much lately and I ended up chewing out some lady at the laundry.
    Some people ask questions. Others demand answers. I lose my patience with the second group.
    Good night :)

    1. Yes, the second group always see themselves from above xP they expect you to say the answer they figured in their heads as if you were a telepath…
      I was biting my tongue too because I knew you’re having very busy days preparing your schedule, take care and good night ;-)

  4. aha, so the JW have landed in Peru, too… with the mormons(morons?! – LOL!), they’re have invaded the planet!!!:-))) in most European countries they’re are considered “sects” and typically regarded as heretical from the other Christians of Catholic, Protestant(reformed) or orthodox believers… I often recognize them before they approach me, and my first and only sentence:”whatever you sell, I won’t buy your salads, guys, amen!!!”:-)))
    * * *
    you know I’m a Darwinian-Cartesian… years ago, I did attend bible studies in France and in the US, ’cause I didn’t want to die… ignorant, so both JW and the mormons can’t attract me, impress me or puzzle me!!!:-)))

    1. Yes, they have! The only two other organizations so extended in our country are the tax agency and the beer company XD I understand why they’re called sects there, sometimes persons are not convinced to follow a faith but are kidnapped to follow a human organization (perhaps religions are just bigger sects) I know JW think in themselves as the only one and the rest as sects. Mormons are quite peculiar, they say our skin is a punishment for have forgotten God but actually I love my tanned skin so if they’re true I welcome that sin that gave us a honey skin XD
      I understand you, I have studied the books of both groups, they can say I’m a sinner but they cannot say I’m uninformed.

      1. That’s certainly an unforgettable story, and the place is without doubts a Kafka’s tale made reality, that speaks not about their spiritual force but their economic potence :-)

    1. Thanks Caroline for the visit, and your words… they always give me peace, as if you could make me close my eyes and just be calm like a pond of water, so you’re always a gift to me, I hope to give you something of the same value. Meanwhile, a smile from far away, hoping it travels the plateaus, jungles, deserts and forests toward you in the beautiful Montreal :-)

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