Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the movie D:

Before WordPress, a life before it actually, I used avatars with photographs of myself, but my life was threatened so I had to adapt and change. One of the first things was to eradicate every data that could lead to me so I deleted my avatars. Nevertheless I needed another one, I didn’t want a blank space so in question of seconds (I still needed to erase a lot of data) I searched one of my photographs and cropped it in square.

I opted for this, What is it? just an unfocused moon. I like so much minimalism and a circle inside a square seemed to fit me. A field of a black space surrounding an undetermined sphere with potential to change in the future to any form, because in my mind change is also one necessity, I cannot be stuck in just one thing.

Said that I send my apologies to the writers/painters/poets/photographers/ explorers of the body/explorers of world/explorers of mind/friends that could notice I’m not visiting them like before. Is not a lack of interest, is my reader betraying me and hiding so many persons I follow. I just follow one dear person by memory, but besides her I rely in the reader that every time seems to have more glitches. Well, I guess is time to evolve and use another system.

Take care.