Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the movie D:

Before WordPress, a life before it actually, I used avatars with photographs of myself, but my life was threatened so I had to adapt and change. One of the first things was to eradicate every data that could lead to me so I deleted my avatars. Nevertheless I needed another one, I didn’t want a blank space so in question of seconds (I still needed to erase a lot of data) I searched one of my photographs and cropped it in square.

I opted for this, What is it? just an unfocused moon. I like so much minimalism and a circle inside a square seemed to fit me. A field of a black space surrounding an undetermined sphere with potential to change in the future to any form, because in my mind change is also one necessity, I cannot be stuck in just one thing.

Said that I send my apologies to the writers/painters/poets/photographers/ explorers of the body/explorers of world/explorers of mind/friends that could notice I’m not visiting them like before. Is not a lack of interest, is my reader betraying me and hiding so many persons I follow. I just follow one dear person by memory, but besides her I rely in the reader that every time seems to have more glitches. Well, I guess is time to evolve and use another system.

Take care.

28 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. This is a nice avatar, Francis. I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say, or achieve with this post, but wish you good luck :)

    1. Thanks Sylvie ^_^ this post is, like the other posts in my blog, an entry to my diary. In this case it’s a thought about my image. I considered it a particular photograph I like among my thousands of files as a mirror of myself.
      Every post is a conversation with myself, memories, feelings, pieces of travels, events, talks or ideas; certainly I’m grateful for every reader that find something useful in my blog but I don’t intend to build a readership but to produce a piece of thought every day as a way to exercise my mind, my compromise with the persons that read me is honesty in what I say.

      (If you refer about to use another system I refer to record the blogs I follow in an agenda instead to use the actual system of the WordPress reader so I can’t miss the posts ^_^, your posts for example appears, if they appear, several hours after…)

      1. It sounds fascinating and usually I understand and enjoy your posts very much. I just do not understand this one (and it does not matter, by the way). About the system, it is too complicated for me, but once again, it does not really matter. Have a good day Francis :)

  2. I wondered what was happening to you, at least it isn’t because I offended you! I too have people go ‘missing’ in the reader, so I have a list of people I follow on my posts and check them out now and then to make sure I have not lost anyone!

    1. haha, who could be offended by you!? if such person exists it could be a green guy like the Grinch (although I’ve planned sometimes to rob the Christmas) Yes, several people visits me after one day of the publication, and the comments are a bit like talking with a close past, others just vanished like the leaves of a tree in winter…
      I’m sorry you could be think that I could be offended by you o.O, instead if I were in UK I’d give you a long and warm hug (and you’d say “what the bloody @#$@ do u think r u doing oh little telletuby?!xd)
      I’ll add a list to my favorites folder in my explorer. Hoping you are having a nice week ahead ;-)

  3. I quite like this avatar, it’s like a little light in the dark :-) Hope :-)
    I barely use the reader, I prefer email notification, but my problem is that I have 800 emails waiting to be read :D:D

    1. I love your avatar ;-) It’s quite creative and expressive. It’s minimal because it’s an almost infinite field of flowers and you exploring it in the centre. It’s quite easy to spot your avatar (y)
      800 emails :S? It seems you are filming the scene of “Bruce Almighty” with lots of e-mails from his followers XD (that makes more amazing when you comes here, thank you)

      1. I receive notification each time my favourite bloggers post something.. so it piles up quite easily. I have to go through my list, because I can’t keep up. Days are too short !

        Oh but I love your blog, I come whenever I can :-)

      2. Domo arigato darwinontherocks sama! _| ̄|● I wouldn’t care if you couldn’t come back, I really like your way to explore, more than travel to thick a list of places it’s more a genuine curiosity, so it’s a pleasure to read your experiences and see the photographs of your world. Thank you, wishing your days become longer and nice week ahead.

  4. I might share with you my system :) I have a word document where i copy and paste the web addresses to all the blogs I follow. Then I hyperlink them. Every day I visit 2-3 pages of my list so that by the end of the week I finish a full cycle and start all over again. Thus I visit every blog 1-2 times a week without bothering with the reader ( I don’t like the new reader). Hope it helps.

    1. Thanks very much for your kindness Inese, I think your system would be much comfortable that doubting if the reader is “selecting” the posts for me, I appreciate your visits ^_^

  5. noooo! so you will leave WP?? so who gonna stay with me?!! I have the same problem as yours, I used to followed interesting blog but then somes disappeared from reader and I coudnt find back, I used to think to quit Wp as well but I have lots of people here who have same passion, who give me inspiration for life and who became friends not only in WP but also in real life.

    Much love!


    1. You’re so lovely ^_^ no, I wanted to say that I need to change my system to follow the persons I find interesting to read on WordPress (like you of course [-_^] ) I’m visiting you more often to don’t lose your beautiful world.
      Much love ^_^

  6. It was your avatar that led me to your site and I’m glad it did. Your photographs are fantastic.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Paul :-) Now I’m in middle of a busy travel but I’d love to see your world of words, certainly your avatar has a mystery in its image.
      Kind regards,

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