Topography in blue

Topography in blue

Traditions and authenticity

Now that I made a temporary come back to books, music and movies I’m remembering which ones I’ve already read, heard or saw taking advantage of the Facebook (for security reasons I don’t share it) utility to add lists of interests… For now I’m around 728 movies, 226 groups of music and musicians, 178 TV series, 356 books of literature, history, philosophy, arts, architecture, etcetera, and near one hundred artists (they’re mixed with several likes…)  and the list is growing… so many things I’ve seen… to me it’s almost like I had spend my life in objects that sometimes are repetitive. I know that that number just says the number of my ignorance but also I think life is so short to spend in the creations of others instead to create what our self wants to say. So I’m more focused in build my own art and knowledge, at least these moths.

I add a book or movie or musician when I remember them, among the movies today I remembered one of the most powerful and emotional I saw in my whole life, Le Grand Bleu by Luc Besson. I don’t know what say the critics, I think much more important is what do you feel so I can say that when kid it was a giant touching movie. It starts near my home, in the lake Titicaca, a free diver exploring the lake in a way I would be afraid to do because the cold waters I know (every time I go there I’m afraid to fall to the deep waters…) and it was like that gentleman was truly much more native than me, a six years old kid. Since then I loved that spirit of freedom in the waters I saw in the film, the two competitors were around the world in a competition that also was a competition against death and their will was so powerful that they could felt the sea and the lakes as a kind of true home…

What brings me to being a native… I think native is not and issue of race, more it’s about a feeling. I feel myself for example closer to Borges, I think he’s a true American man, because I understand him when he talks about the infinite horizon of his dear pampa, and that sentiment that makes him say that he feels Buenos Aires like a place that hadn’t foundation because he feels it eternal. Instead other authors, that I admire, like Vargas Llosa or García Márquez are to me actually Europeans living in America, because every time they speak about the jungle or the highlands they write about it like a mystery just natives known, and is evident that their traditions corresponds to a certain nostalgia of Europe.

Instead I’m against traditions. My definition of tradition is just the laziness to don’t think to just follow conventions based in another ways of life. Yes, I heal my wounds with special earths I select; yes, I can read the eyes; yes, I pay to the Earth and climb the hill when it’s needed; yes, I follow the ancient etiquettes; yes, I know to read the signs in the sky and seeing above my city the clouds I know how is the weather in far cities in other countries like La Paz or the cities in the desert of the coast. But those are parts of my culture I chose to follow, I don’t follow traditions that I consider should be learned just to don’t be made again, for example the tradition of peasants to kill our endangered species as our rare native cats, our Pumas, even when child we were taught to kill toads with stones, I dislike that because I don’t see the merit to take lives when in our modern world we could put special fences to avoid the pumas and instead to kill our rare wild native cats we should use modern breeding technics and adequate building spaces. An animal shouldn’t pay for the ignorance of a human.

I don’t follow the tradition to follow rules and just get stuck in the inadequate adobe house, I follow the Incan tradition haunted but knowledge. The genetic investigation was triggered by the regular “el niño” (the warming of the Ocean that brings periods of excessive rains in some places and droughts in others) so our ancestors developed in kind of laboratories thousands of vegetable species resistant to the weather, architectonic systems to fight the desert and the earthquakes, urban and regional organization so the Empire would be connected across their thousands of rich cities. I know there is a romantic idea that we were like some kind of hippies (nothing against them btw) or a wild civilization visited by aliens (lol) but the reality was, is, more complex. I’m against that vision tourists have, even national tourists, that we should be in poverty to conserve that “traditions” so we still should use clothes made for Spanish peasants and to live in homes without services, internet and TV’s are a sin it seems because that “fakes” us XD The time advances, I want to have the comfort of tomorrow and I design according that, my last designs implies in the technical side a hybrid solar/public-electric system and in the architectonic side it’s the mirror of a electrical engineer.

Returning to the beginning that’s the reason I felt so connected with the characters of that movie… I could sense a kind of brotherhood in the man diving the Titicaca… being native doesn’t mean to have a race or following without thinking archaic traditions; but to have a bond, like Borges had, with your earth and sky and city. Feel that your place perhaps couldn’t have a foundation date but it is with your spirit an eternity along.

16 thoughts on “Topography in blue

  1. When I saw le Grand bleu for the first time, I was really shocked by the end. I remembered I didn’t sleep well that night. For me, it is one of the best ending ever. It’s so powerful and it raises so many questions.

    What are you favourite tv shows ?

    1. Yes! that’s what I felt! I didn’t tell the end because I didn’t want to ruin the experience to the ones who didn’t see it :P But that ending is a poem, so epic!

      Without counting animes and cartoons I liked: The IT crowd, X-Files, Dr. House, Liveman (a group like Power Rangers), Lost in Space, SCI Miami, Millenium, Lost, American Horror Story… and so many more… What about you ^_^? I’m sure you have an interesting list which I’d love to see :-)

      1. I watched all seasons of IT crowd as well as Dr House, I loved it. I like different style. I love House of Cards, True Detective, the walking dead, Game of thrones, Sherlock, Breaking bad (the best series ever according to me), utopia, agents of shield, orange is the new black, how I met your mother, dexter, utopia.. I’m a bit crazy about tv show ;-)

      2. Oh, I see some of them are in Netflix, I still cannot find time to Netflix, of course I can pay de monthly fee :P, but when I’ve the time I’m going to see your series to be updated :-) I saw to Malcolm’s dad, I mean Breaking Bad, and it was very clever, and I want to see House of Cards because Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors (but I don’t know why, lol) I liked Game of Thrones, I read all the books, but the tv show seemed a bit exaggerated in the sexual part I think like the public were mostly teens…
        Thank you for your list, I’m going to give it a time to be updated and see it, it looks like my last tv series was the black and white one of the Zorro XD

      3. haha! Kevin Spacey is great in House of Cards ! I agree with GoT, it’s a bit too much sexual and violet for family viewing. But in the book, it’s as bad and even worse sometimes ;-)

      4. Perhaps because it’s a book I didn’t notice the sexual part, I’m so innocent XD, but you’re right, violence reaches levels reserved sometimes to gore stories… if that goes to the series I think they’re almost going to truly kill the actors X’D, oh well, thank you ^_^!

  2. Writing to me, Francis? :) Just kidding.. but thanks for all the points you raised.

    My server power supply died, so will take a few days before I get back online. Using an old dilapidated laptop now. All my files are in the server disks. Was thinking of posting something. Then it died.
    So haven’t been following all the blogs the last couple of days. Will be back later.

    1. That old dilapidated laptop then now it’s a savior laptop. I hope your data is safe, once I lost several years of projects, information and photographs…
      haha, don’t worry, I’m not worried about a loyal readership (although I could use my readers as an army hmmm, just kidding :P) but to read the blogs I’m interested to read.
      I hope better times are coming and that this lapse can be one of creativity, thanks Tejaswi :-)

      1. yes, it has happened to me several times in the past. Lightning strike, local power company messing up the neutral lines and getting 440v in the main supply, crashed hard disks.. all sorts of things. It is almost uncanny, they can see and hear I think, these machines. Every time something good is about to happen, they let me down :)
        Anyway, not so bad this time, the PSU is very expensive, apart from that, no much data loss. (Although the server board worries me. Looks like one ram slot is also gone). Yes, this laptop turned out to be a saviour :)
        Better times will come, my friend. For sure..

      2. Oh, sounds like you have to outthink several obstacles in the future… Here one of the most horrible was when robbers of the public electric wire could appear when I was working :S always previous to one important work at university… also hard disk failures, the only way to fight back is to prepare for several scenarios. The electricity can’t turn off our minds.

      3. I know.. it took me nearly three months to recover all the photos I had from an old hard disk. But with so much data how much backup can you take? 60 gb of photos alone. Not to mention another 300 gb of videos. So, there was not much I could do.
        Happily, now that I am not working (not doing my 3d and vfx work) I can afford to keep those hard disks safe and away. Only need to backup some documents at most. The trouble is, I need to get the documents of my old drives, so got an esata enclosure to put those docs in the laptop. Ordered last night, so will take another three days or so. :)
        Yes, you are right, need to out-think future obstacles.
        Off topic addition: Check this out
        Probably you will like the concept and put it to use over there :)

      4. That is a quite complex task! my heaviest files usually are my raw photographs with 20 MB and very few documents have more than 50 MB. In my case was easier to make a backup in the cloud but yours goes beyond what I could do…
        I have just finished to see the video. Quite interesting, made me remember the way to make arches without wood so every piece has to support the another one. By the way Meera is a cute name.

      5. Yes, it is :) Meera, the lover of the God Krishna.. the unrequited love… good as a story.. You end up despising Krishna for betraying her, never mind all the stories and reasons they make up for it later. He abandoned her.

        But the concept was really good. I like the funicular shell concept. And you must visit Auroville when you travel the world. There are so many unique designs and structural engineering concepts in that one place, that it is amazing. (It is sort of like a huge ashram, if you retire from the world and decide to live with that commune you get all the best minds from around the world to help you design your home the way you want it. Sounds exciting. Some day we can make the trip together :) Hopefully).

    1. Thank you Caroline, although I think that perhaps it feels a bit more like a rant my words :S in any case I appreciate a lot your love for your land, you would be so special here… there is no many people with such harmony with the place they love, not so many people can feel l’orage.

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