In the heart of the city a wild sea

In the heart of the city a wild sea

I presented before a similar photograph, but this is actually a photograph stitched from two horizontal photographs, I took one for the sea and another for the sky, usually it’s recommended to take vertical photographs to stitch but the moving nature of the waves could have ended in an imperfect stitch.

30 thoughts on “In the heart of the city a wild sea

    1. This is a special place for me, it’s a so wild and pure place in the heart of Ilo city, I’m glad your soul of poet can feel the beauty in it Sylvie :-)

      1. I went to see it 2 weeks ago and it was too cold to swim :( snif… I guess I have to try again haha. Still, seeing the sunset there, made it all worth it!

      2. I’ll go to a warmer place for sure, for swimming. I’ll definitely get to the sunset :) Right now working on a painting challenge. When I’m done with that, I’ll add more posts. Eats up a lot of time.

      3. Oh, I’m working too in a drawing project, similar I know, but right know then you need to work patiently, good luck (y)!

      4. Cool! I hope you’ll share the results. I’d love to see it. I’m working on improving my paining fur skills. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks and good luck to you too! :)

  1. A photo well-stitched! You are quite the photographic tailor :) When I first saw this I thought that Ilo was engulfed in flames or slowly being overtaken by molten lava…..which would be a great juxtaposition with the cold sea, but it’s just lights.
    Is that a volcanic rock in the foreground?

    1. Actually the lights of the city seems to be like lava trying to reach the sea shores… We could see if we can stitch photos some day ;-)
      I don’t know, I don’t think so because there are not near volcanos around there, but they look quite strange for sure ^_^

  2. You created a powerful image. Rock, water, sky, and city. It feels surreal, the depth and the intensity of every element together, a lot like in a sci-fi animated modern movie. And yet, so full of soul and truth.

    1. Is quite hard to get in a photograph what you see with your eyes, I worked a lot so I could get what I saw. I’m so happy for you Caroline, because your words make me feel that I get to communicate that powerful truth across the long distances among us. Mille merci!

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