The color version of this photograph was one of the first one I published in WordPress, a place near Imata, a place that was just for me because it’s outside the touristic places and at 4185 meters above the sea level (13 730 feet) there aren’t so many people going to there.

In such places you can feel a peace in part beautiful and in part lethal, something similar to climb without equipment I guess, you’re not seeing the nature but also fighting to don’t be surpassed by it (in this case the loneliness in the cold of the season)

22 thoughts on “Drama

  1. nearer my god, to thee… etc… except, that looks like a realistic portrayal of some place hotter :D
    I’m just kidding you, Francis… as always, it is a beautiful image.. and even as I say that I feel like a hypocrite.. there are such beautiful places here too and we look upon them with blind eyes and do not really see… it takes an “outsider’s” viewpoint to see beauty there.. just as you have done here..
    To my own countrymen our country looks stale, but if you looked at it, you’d find much of it beautiful..
    Thanks for your fresh eyes, my friend, even while looking at your own country..

    1. I understand you perfectly, here people seems to just find beauty in (and they are beautiful as well) French valleys, but they consider the highlands a kind of cold desert… So many places in India I’d loved to see… Thanks Tejaswi, take care.

  2. I like this photo so much better in black in white….it emphasizes the ruggedness of the terrain and ultimately, the drama.
    I’m familiar with this sort of drama, but fortunately, I didn’t have to face it alone :)

  3. This black and white, and the other two series of Imata… are all very beautiful, Francis. You have a way with light and beauty. I am grateful for what we share.

    1. Me too. I’m grateful those memories find a person like you, with heart and soul to appreciate it, so in a certain way those photographs, those landscapes, were waiting for you. We are fortunate, I always have joy seeing the forests of Montreal, and the quality to tell stories of its light :-)

  4. Excellent shot…the composition of wall and cloud is stunning. How tall is that wall? Is it knee high or several men high? It looks almost a frozen wave of time.

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