17 thoughts on “Rock garden

  1. After being taken by the beauty of the picture, and of those shades together, I tried to imagine how it must feel to be there… and found myself wondering what the air must smell like… do you remember? Is it a sandy smell… or is there enough humidity for a more earthy smell… ?

    1. Hello Caroline, :-) It’s at 4000 meters of altitude, there is no humidity and the atmosphere is thin… There is always a bit of wind, a bit cold… the smell in the air is not so much about the earth but the yellow grass, the ichu, as a kind of dry vegetation with the wind crossing it slowlly so the smell is mixed with the sound. It’s almost like silence… I remember perfectly because it’s the smell of my home ^_^

  2. a beautiful but somehow unforgiving landscape.
    I see you and Melissa had a fun meet up, though her comments are off again so I can’t tell her how envious I am that she got to tour your city with you!

    1. Loud and clear, Fragglerocking!
      I forgot to click the setting to allow comments on my post, but I went back and corrected that…..which is pointless considering I read your message here.
      Sorry for the boneheaded mistake :)

    2. There is a hug waiting for you if you come someday ;-) Yes, the landscape in the highlands can have this mix of hard and beauty at the same time…

  3. ….and sometimes rocks are better because you don’t have to watch them fade :)
    It looks as though you’re making all kinds of women jealous, Francis ;)

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