15 thoughts on “The old house of the lonely landscape

    1. If I’m not wrong it’s a control point of the train made by Englishmen in our country in the XIX or beginnings of XX century. So actually this is not your kind of place but your place ^_^! a piece of your country. Now it’s run by the Chilean private owner of trains but I don’t know if there is one person living inside, at least the several times I passed around there I never saw signals of life o.O

      1. I usually enjoy the little bit of England in your space :-) but you’re right, that house, the way is designed, looks quite amazing in our landscape.

    1. Agree with you Melissa :-) I thought the title some time ago but tonight I thought lovely had been a better one… thank you lovely lady ^_^

    1. Those are my thoughts when I see your autumns photographs :-) mentally I’m walking in that forest… I’m not sure in a park inside the city or a forest in the surroundings, but I am sure that yours are my words as well when I remember your autumns.

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