23 thoughts on “Using some clouds as hats

  1. Beautiful photo :) What time of year was this taken? I didn’t see clouds like this when I visited Arequipa.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! it was taken in May 25th of 2013 (a long time ago) usually in winter the sky is very clean but sometimes there are some clouds. Said that sunsets were a spectacle your time couldn’t allow to see it more often.
      I can assure that if one can makes something better than to see sunsets then that memento is unique and always there is going to be a tomorrow to catch sunsets anyway :-)

      1. Yes, and I truly enjoyed the mementos that kept me busy during that hour ;)

      2. Seeing my stats I think you are know in your home so I’m happy you arrived well :-) thanks for make a happier place this year, it was truly special and definitively I enjoyed our shared time across your travel; now is the time for your family to be happy with your presence ^_^

      3. Yes, I arrived this afternoon :) Tomorrow, I celebrate my niece’s sixth birthday with my family. We get to go to Chuck E Cheese – Score!

      4. That sounds cheesepectacular! :D hoping you have a great day there, sure with great surprises filled with so many stories (-_^)

    1. I find lovely that we share that kind of vision about mountains… Thank you Gilles for your visits and patience, good day for you in the far Europe :-)

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