15 thoughts on “I’ll wait

  1. lol – It’s like seeing Juliaca without my contact lenses in. If I pretend to be blind, will the vendors give me a better price?

    1. Of course, as a commercial city sellers have to be true to their word or nobody is going to buy from them again. Besides the worst crime is to steal…
      Can you believe that the wheater there right now is colder than the national park we visited :O? My season to try ice-creams xP!

      1. I still don’t understand that! When it’s cold outside, you have to eat something cold. When it’s hot outside, you have to drink something hot….what about the apiy?

      2. Oh, the api, I drink it because I love it XP! besides when we drink it the evening was warm because your presence, even outside! ;-)
        When it’s hot actually a cold drink make us to sweat cold and it shocks our bodies, instead something hot in a cold environment warms our stomachs but not our extremities so the cold sensation actually is worse :-)

      3. There must be something to that because you were a heck of a lot warmer than I was :)

      4. Ahhh…. I was thinking about that in the National Park, I think your case was cutting your blood circulation :-( so despite the movement you were feeling coldness in your extremities, but also I’m adapted to the cold, I’m a kind of Iceman mixed with a caveman xD, and you are an angel for endure that -_-

      5. You are neither an iceman or a caveman :P You are a gentleman, and you have a great big heart that keeps plenty of hot blood pumping through your veins :D I endured the cold. I endured the insanity of Peru, but I would happily endure both again for the pleasure of your company :) Abrazos!

      6. Gracias, abrazos y besos a la distancia ^_^, gracias por venir, se que tu tiempo es muy corto…. que te diviertas mañana :-)

    1. I love your imagination dear Caroline ^_^ I’m in a work travel in these days, but I’m thinking in your words like a promise waiting for me. I beg your pardon for don’t reply before, just I can say that I don’t want to read them in a rush a reply something quick to you, I want to give you my whole attention and nothing more. Thank you for everything, take care.

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