Bearing up solar winds

Bearing solar winds

Ilo city… yesterday a customer called from there so tomorrow I’m travelling, it’s for work so probably I’m not going to have time to take some pictures, and we’re in winter so probably the sky is going to have that apathetic gray. in any case I’m going to schedule a pair of posts ahead ;-)

I liked this landscape from the shores of Pacific Ocean in Ilo because the sun seemed so strong that almost it seemed capable to move with its light the ship… it was in the last days of the summer in March…

21 thoughts on “Bearing up solar winds

  1. That fiery ball on the horizon does seem to have an imposing force. Safe travels to Ilo, my friend! Perhaps you’ll have blue skies like I did in Lima :)

  2. I blew it up… and felt myself plunging in that moment… i nearly cried but I held back…
    it made me touch that place inside me where i miss the sea so much… it’s such a powerful force in my life… and when I am close to her, it’s always such a gift for my soul… and it’s been a while for me… thank you, Francis… this is an incredible photograph…

    1. Thank you from my heart Caroline. These days without internet I walked the shores of the sea and it’s quite precious… I usually need to process my photographs to express what I see, because I think emotions are more important to express than technical capabilities of a camera that anyway is limited to what we can see… So if it awakes a memory and a feeling of missing in you then I’m happy for me because I really care about what you think and I’m happy for you because your words make me think that you really have a personal and close connection with the sea. Said that I had time to take pictures in this travel, I’m going to give you one in advance just for you in the following days.
      I was thinking so much, but so much, in answer you, but I was confined to just a minutes in a public cabin to see the internet, I didn’t want to respond words from your spirit with another words from me without express my gratitude to you, but I notice now with more time (I’ve just arrived to one of the places I live) I don’t have the precise words, so I’ll just say that your words have to me a greater impact than the sunset and sea I saw in the photograph.
      I hope these days for you have been great ones, thanks for giving a smile with your visits. Greetings from the far winter to your warm summer :-)

    1. Mille merci Gilles, and sorry for the time until reply your comment, I’m in a work travel with so little time, at least until tomorrow.
      Thank you very much for your complimets, I’m glad you find quietness in this and I appreciate how you say so much in so few lines. Regards from Peru.

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