Camanchaca’s frontier

camanchacas frontier

Peace in blue and sand

Camanchaca, the sea fog that covers from the Chilean North coast to the Peruvian South coast, is said that comes from the Aymara word for obscurity. Could be but I don’t find much sense in it, because sure it reduces the visibility but is far from be obscurity. The light is diffuse, not inexistent.

In the photograph the camanchaca is far away, seen in middle of the road that connects Moquegua city close to the highlands with Ilo city in the coast. I wonder if I could walk in the desert, even in winter it has to be a feat to me because I’m not used to the humidity; besides the desert with its vast surfaces is the ideal place for the Air Force so always there is the danger of military equipment there.

9 thoughts on “Camanchaca’s frontier

  1. Wonderful colours. I like the name Camanchaca for sea fog, over here in Northumberland we would call it a sea fret (origin unknown) whilst North of me in Scotland it’s known as a Haar which is a Dutch word.

    1. I could understand the similarity, the camanchaca occurs in Atacama Desert so the weather could be similar.
      Gracias Mélanita :-) hoping all’s right, I’m with a lot of work these days :S I hope the payment is going to make me survive a time :D

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