Curva del diablo

curva del diablo


“Curva del diablo” means “Devil’s curve in the road” (precisely the red sign with white letters in the center of the photograph)and is a place, near Puno city in the highway that connects it with Juliaca city, called thus because there were (are?) so many vehicular accidents; hence adults prefer to don’t take responsibility and instead blame a hypothetical being that if exists I guess has better things to do than helps tired/drunk/negligent drivers to rest in the bottom of the road.

Fortunately these years there are fewer of those accidents; so I guess people these years is giving thanks to the devil for that fortune xD

10 thoughts on “Curva del diablo

      1. haha, don’t worry, sometimes I have wrote in posts thought as sarcasm with so pompous and offended words because I didn’t notice the sarcasm :( xD

    1. Oh, that would be my second learned word in Romanian XD so now I’ve “apus” as dusk and “curva” as whore so a Romanian could thing that I went there to search whores at dusk XD
      But not, I would be just happy to be the beautiful Romanians girls with the blush painted in their cheeks by the warm dusk ^_^

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