Centuries flying…

centuries flying

I am still working in another city in a place without wifi, I hope you can understand if I don’t reply quickly :S

There was a comic I loved to read since kid, it was about Flash competing against Superman traveling the time with a machine functioning according to the speed to run; the person running was forward in the time but not in the space (at least not in the square meter he/she was running) so the landscape was changing… For that reason I love the contrasts, the crystal building appearing in middle of that colonial church handmade with stones.

10 thoughts on “Centuries flying…

  1. It’s a great juxtaposition showing the jump in time from one century to another. Superman would be proud :)

  2. Maybe it seems not being up to date without wifi – but enjoy the time. We should have the time to wait for your reply :-)

  3. I hope you are doing great Francis. I’ve been a bit away from the internet myself, as I was busy making jewellery. I sold them in a craft fair and it was a success :-) Now I’m back, and I’ll try to catch up on your stories soon.

    Talking about Flash, there is a tv show called the flash. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m curious about it !

    1. I understand that your jewelry was just for the fair but if you’re selling in the web I’d love to see your work. A good taste in photography and composition to write I think correlates also to design in another fields :-)
      A friend recommended the Flash, I saw some episodes but, alas, my time… the few I saw was entertaining but not so wow to me, if you see it I’d love to read your opinion :P

      1. I’m planning to put them online at one point, but you know.. days have limited hours and i have the feeling my days are shrinking every day :p

        if I watch the flash, I’ll tell you my opinion :-)

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