6 thoughts on “plip plop

    1. I spend so many afternoons seeing the rain when kid, Thanks Gilles, I’d like to see the rain in your city (for the moment unknown to me) with its particular textures and colors…

    1. In my country there is a red paint to cover concrete floors, it’s the cheapest way to get a presentable concrete floor; those colors with that rain made of slow drops is something we in our city usually see. I find marvelous that it’s something you have seen for first time and you see it special, I hadn’t that feeling since once I saw it when I was a kid of four years old, waiting while I was seen a similar rain falling on an old patio, in a corner of it, in the kindergarten.
      That makes me want to make a video of it so I can show you how is a world you have never seen, I’m discovering with you Montreal ^_^

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