Doggy welcome

doggy welcome

That’s a little dog in my room in Juliaca. I slept there for years. When you travel is inevitable to think in the little objects of your room, certain corners, the particular way the shadows and light cross the habitation from day to night and the way street lights render shadows… the texture of the carpet with your naked feet, some dreams…

13 thoughts on “Doggy welcome

  1. I like your photo of the dog – the light is hitting it just right to contrast it to the dark surroundings, and I have no idea how large it is. It also appears to be a bit distracted.
    While I’m in the US, I’m staying at my family’s home and the familiarity is like a powerful sleeping potion. It’s like my body and mind needed a break from the constant stimulation of new and different things. I have difficulty getting up in the morning. Is it the same for you?

    1. It just has the height of a pen approximately. It’s a little handcraft of a dog with a sign of “welcome” so from the back it looks distracted because its attention it’s in the front :)
      Oh, I understand that feeling, is like you have found the place where you can rest without, for example, being alert for strangers; but also is true that I have difficulty to getting up in any place, I’m a Peruvian Rip Van Wimkle XD
      I wish you a great evening in your family’s home… your room.

      1. oh, that makes me notice we didn’t see any coca leaf reader! thank you, I’ll see a bit and after that a long sleepsfwe sijs… oh, I am already falling asleep xp

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