White roses

white roses

White and red colors are tough to photograph, they can end in burned highlights so easily and turn into empty whites or oranges…But let’s take those issues to professionals photographs, blown or not highlights I like the photograph I took that morning.

8 thoughts on “White roses

      1. “… Sie achtet nicht ihrer selbst, fragt nicht, ob man sie siehet.“
        back from the dead spot (yes, we have some in Germany too)

      2. Quite touching! he’s one of the reasons I’d love to speak German.
        I’ve seen photographs of beautiful roses in your country, in fact I remember a pioneer color photographer lady from Germany, around 1920 I think, I still remember her red roses… Happy Sunday Ulli, thanks for coming :-)

    1. Yes, they are almost wild to flower in the garden of my parents home at 3800 metres above sea level :D, the wall has perhaps forty years at least… Thank you kind lady for your thoughts and compliments ^_^

  1. i like it too… the picture I mean…
    and i love roses… their perfume… i sometimes allow myself to pick one as I walk so I can hold it to my nose for some time… an hour or two even… as I walk… I get a bit inebriated… in such a good way…
    it’s almost the end of roses in Montreal for this year…

    1. My maternal family comes from a little city called Moho, it’s famous for the roses of several colors they make at the shores of the highest lake on the world, the old Titicaca, perhaps a remains of our ancient obsession with genetics. The colors I remember more are “fire” that starts in a tone of yellow in the bottom of the petals and it grows to a kind of red, and another one made with a color between vermillion and fuchsia… There is a story about one of the citizens with a secret black rose in his/her home.

      But the image of you walking with a rose near to your face seems to me a more wonderful image and such a gift to my mind ^_^ When the season changes and Montreal is not going to have more roses I’ll search ones in my country to photograph and share them with you so your year is not going to be without them, if not in perfume at least in image :-)

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