Morning blues

morning blues

I’ve seen this view of Juliaca after the sunrise thousands of times… I used to wake up and before to go to school verify if the deposit was filled with water for the day (the public water distribution covers just a few hours) but in those days I didn’t have a camera with me, not even a cellphone because they were so big, freaking expensive and even worse they used to be just for calls XD and I had a plastic film camera but I had needed to buy rolls with money I didn’t have.

Oh, I converted the post in an almost a rant xP! fortunately now I can shot the sunrises when I (try to) wake up and even better now there is no school \o/ !!

16 thoughts on “Morning blues

    1. But to that school we don’t need uniforms and practice for parades xD Thank you fragglerocking, hoping you have a wonderful weekend as well ;-)

  1. Way to look on that bright side….Wait a minute, aren’t you still going to school? I like the rooftop scenery :) It looks like a setting in a movie or a musical.

    1. haha, no, you are the one still going to school with those little devils, at least until a few weeks ago ;-)
      hmm, perhaps the scene I love in Mary Poppins, the Disney movie, with everybody dancing in the roofs xD?

      1. Maybe thats what made me think of it ;) You could have your own version of “Step in time” and instead of chimney sweeps, you could use cameras….just a thought :)

      2. That would be fantastic, but I’d need to hire dancers because in dancing I’m so graceful as a chicken running xp! but not in tango, that’s a dance I can do relatively well and elegantly ;-)

      3. In Arequipa, I thought it was going to be a pretty lame experience as Salsa or other Latin rhythms or our native parties that I cannot dance without feel like a kind of malfunctioning robot >_<! but I did it well.
        Do you dance anything in special? I remember you said you don't dance salsa because you hadn't the shoes so it implied you actually know it :O

      4. You better be careful – I’m going to get on a plane back to Arequipa :)

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