Lazy boat

lazy boat

I’d love to have a time like that lazy boat… but there is a ton of work. I wonder how make the people that plays in “second life” with their works and activities there in that virtual world, I barely have time for my own one xD

36 thoughts on “Lazy boat

  1. What a fantastic scene @Francis! I want to jump in this scene and have my lazy Sunday on the boat as well!

    Have a great Sunday my dear! Take a break from work to enjoy your Sunday pls!!

    1. Oh, I’d love to do it but precisely today I have to give drawings :S I have the rest I need seeing the stories you tell in your photographs ^_^

      1. I need to give a try to that recipe, although in the kitchen I’m a good firefighter, I mean, I’m horrible cooking, lol.

  2. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to Lake Titicaca during my recent travels, but I’m very happy to see it through your photos. The entire scene in this one is spectacular, but that “lazy boat” does draw focus doesn’t it?
    About your wish: I will tell that the freedom to be lazy is a luxury best taken in small doses! Life would get pretty boring if you had absolutely nothing to do.
    Besides…..I know that you have so many interests outside of your work. You wouldn’t be idle for long ;)
    Embrace the busyness and hard work, so that every now and then, you can truly savor a spell of laziness :)

    1. Oh, lake Titica and Ilo were so close to us :S, I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, perhaps I was very happy ^_^… I love that you find the image spectacular, to me just is a cute day in a familiar place, a snapshot while walking a bit because I was waiting some hours to receive my passport…
      Around the lake still there are places that work like the Inca Empire, they’re not touristic, just places where you can still be as an ancient times, paying to the Earth, eating with the hands (clean hands, perhaps you remember I had the habit to wash my hands repeatedly) the textiles and so many things… But after know you my impression is that our cultures are quite similar and if anything much more exotics are perhaps Asian civilizations.
      The laziness… actually I rejected or postposed work when you were here so I already had my time of happy laziness, you know, in life you have to order your priorities and sometimes common work aren’t among those ;-)

      1. I want to visit these places around the lake that work like the Inca Empire!
        I remember how careful you are about washing your hands before you eat….I ate with my hands while I was in Nepal. I wasn’t very good at it, and I made a great mess of it. It’s funny that you mention Asian civilizations being more exotic because I grew quite accustomed to eating food with a spoon and chopsticks in Asia….I got quite adept at it and I really miss it sometimes.
        That was a time of happy laziness wasn’t it :-) Now I’m being lazy even though I don’t want to be Xo
        It’s like trying to move forward while you’re stuck in a swamp XP

      2. Yes, it was, and I know, China is a bit in you as well :) I think after your travels you have the right for a bit of laziness 😎 I understand that feeling to be stuck in a swamp or letting yourself go away with the dream. Hoping you are having a nice night there ;-)

      1. Nice to meet you, James, I’m Francis from the “little Chicago” (that is the nick of my city Juliaca or Xullaca xD) I adore your travels around Italy.

      2. Oh wow! Lovely to meet you too. Haven’t made it over to South America yet, but when I do I’ll come find your little town. I would love to see Peru. And thank you! – I have just come back from a trip – spent a bit of time in Italy again (got some great shots) but mostly spent a few months in India – which I’m very excited to get blogging about. Will keep you posted :)

      3. Of course, I’m your follower (y)! you’re living a quite exotic adventure in modern times, you make me think in Sir Richard Burton and his way to know the places he traveled sometimes in a deeper level than the locals. If someday you made Peru mine is going to be a friendly hand and sure it would be lovely to see my country with your special way to see the world☺

  3. My heart aches sometimes when I look at some of your pictures… like this one… that comes to remind me of all those moments where I am not “there”, somewhere that’s quiet and filled with beauties and nature’s inspirations…
    But tell me, Francis… what do I see on the other side of the water?

    1. Your heart is a red sun that transform my ordinary world in a jewel made ruby :-) I think, the boat is empty, perhaps as a promise that you could be there.
      This is a boat in lake Titicaca, the highest navigable at 3812 meters above sea level, the plants are called totora and we use it to eat and from centuries ago to build ships and artificial islands known as Uros islands. Far away you see the hills surrounding the lake with Puno city in the bay of the same name. If you click the image you can see it at full screen. Wish you a wonderful day, and send you a smile from far away :-)

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