The horizontal windows of the brick building, make me think in the comic character Cyclops, from X-Men… it’s in the houses in the neighborhood in Juliaca. We live near the Apu (sacred hill) Huaynarroque.

This was shot with a Fujifilm X-E1 and a Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4R I bought to my younger brother, he like so much velvia colors so I thought it would be a nice camera for him, but (he is in Buenos Aires) told me that he didn’t use so much the camera and today I knew that his camera was stolen with other things in the car of a friend of him… I feel grateful that it was just stolen and he wasn’t there to be harmed or attacked. When kid I used to feel afraid to receive things because I usually ended breaking them and consequently there was a rain of words of disappointment, of course I believe in take care of things, my camera, cell phone, and laptop are enduring years because I’m careful, but I don’t believe that things should be more important than ourselves, if we miss a tool then we have to get another, learn from the experience and move on. For that reason I don’t care about that camera, and I’m more interested about my brother and his safety, perhaps unconsciously he didn’t want the camera so I’m going to search another better for him.

I think is a nice moment to post a review of that camera ;-)

17 thoughts on “Cyclope

  1. Love the Xmen, my favourite was Gambit. He’s not been in the movie version yet though I think. Maybe your brother doesn’t want a camera at all? Maybe he’s a cell phone shooter? :) I would never leave my camera anywhere except round my neck :)

    1. The Cajun guy, I think mine is Wolverine. I loved X-Men first class among the ones I saw of X-Men movies, but I didn’t see every one of them.
      Oh, he likes to play with cameras but I got it because he need one, he’s at university. But I’m thinking a cell phone is going to be enough until he can decide if he wants something more specialized, I’m going to miss that lens anyway.
      If you leave your camera around your neck I understand why you went from your lovely Nikon to the smaller Fujifilm :-)

      1. Who knows, perhaps in a time they release a mirrorless model with the whole characteristics of a dslr except the size, weight and of course the mirror :D

  2. It’s a shame that your brother lost his camera. He probably felt a little extra loss because you gave it to him, but I’m happy to hear that he wasn’t threatened or injured for it.
    This was a great way to honor that camera — connect it to something memorable :)
    BTW…..Gambit did play a small part in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” — Just sayin’ ;)
    Muchas smoochas!!!!!

    1. Perhaps, but I hope he consider that I don’t care about the camera but him, so it was just an object. For example if you would lose your necklace I would know inside me that it was an accident (like the one of my brother) and I’d prefer to know you are safe, things can be lost, recovered or in last instance treasured as memories in ourselves.
      Oh, I remember now! I saw that movie in a hotel room and to me it was a bit, IMHO, ridiculous that I had forgotten it xD I mean, the part with Wolverine fighting the guy with mixed powers was more like see an exercise of images generated by computer more than an effort to tell a story.
      Beshos ^_^!

      1. I like to know the back stories of the X-Men as well, but, you know, they had to throw in some violence to please the masses :)

      2. The masses of twelve years old children :D, that remember I was traveling in a bus to Tacna and there was a lady, I think a trader with merchandise, that asked to the driver to screen a movie, and I said, joking, “Yeah! we want violence!!” and she said “haha, noooo! better a romantic comedy”, the best movie I saw first in a bus was “Taken” :P I’m so sorry to think that instead you had to endure our country music xD

      3. I got to see a few movies….”Jurassic World” was showing in the bus from Chachapoyas to Chiclayo. Although it was a really bad pirated copy.
        The Flores buses all showed “B” movies or the latest “Fast and Furious films”
        When I was in the Philippines, I had to listen to seven hours of Country Western music on a bus ride to Sagada. Trust me, your country’s music is nowhere near annoying as “Country” music from my country XP

      4. Sounds like half the passengers committed seppuku and the other half now have post traumatic stress disorder xP
        I don’t know if it’s sarcasm or dark humor of the Peruvian drivers to screen in busses “fast and furious” series in the highway…

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