22 thoughts on “Little hands with yellow offerings

  1. Oh Francis , excellent photoging!! The are beautiful and so dainty .
    I’m not sure why, I know I’m following you but I never get your new updates? Like I do from everyone else I’m following, it a bit frustrating , as I do like to keep up with my wordpress friends ;( I must b doing something wrong

    1. Thanks for the compliments ^_^/
      The same happens to me with several friends, for that I’m viewing manually, besides my reader, to confirm I’m not missing posts.
      I understand and share your frustration, it’s not your fault but a WordPress glitch :L. Said that I’m happy to see your chronicles, if your reader don’t update my posts I don’t care because I feel the same joy viewing you :-) There are a lot of people around here that just visits so you can pay them with a “like” to their blogs but not me, while my time allow me it’s going a pleasure to visit you. Hoping you’re having a great week ;-)

      1. Thank you Francis , I have seen you once or twice on Flickr, again I’m pretty absent there ;(! But I will catch you here for sure!!!! Take care and have a great rest of the week

      2. You’ve a big amount of followers in Flickr (Have you not considered to organize us as an army?:D) that I feel so honored you feel that way -_- I know your absentia is because your holidays and travels you generously share. Don’t worry and have the confidence that I appreciate your visits here and when there aren’t visits I understand your time and the WordPress glitches in its reader.
        Thank you for your warm words, kind regards ;-)

  2. It’s a whole other precious world inside of those fresh green leaves isn’t it. I love the colors and the varying degrees of bokeh in this photo.
    I hope spring comes early to my friend in Peru.
    Sending you warm, lovely wishes on a chilly, winter’s night in Arequipa :)

    1. Oh, but I’m fine with my warm body, I say it because if spring comes here you are going to be in winter… I prefer you to be in a warm place ;-)
      Thank you, hoping you have a great weekend ahead, Melissa :-)

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