A wooden dragon traveling the ocean at sunrise

a wooden dragon traveling the ocean at sunrise


I use several types of cameras, mainly my digital camera, a Sony R1, and after it my cell phone, my tablet and a film camera. Mostly I have to prepare the files because a camera never is going to match what your eyes see, that’s a secret inscrutable to the pre-programmed mechanism of any camera.

I need time to prepare my files, the ones that take me more time are the film ones because I “scan” them with my camera with a special holder I designed and after that process the negatives in a special program, after those photographs the ones from my Sony take also time but because I shot in a certain abundance with it. The photographs I require less time to prepare are the ones with the tablet and cell phone. I can make easy edits with the snapseed app and voilĂ : ready to publish!

This photo was made the sixth of this month in Ilo, in the harbor in the morning seeing the Pacific Ocean. Before to work I used to go to the place where fishermen have to eat, good prices and fresh fish, but not to eat there but to take my food to the ocean and have a moment of peace there. The battery of my camera was at zero so my old cell phone with its two megapixels and its toy camera was enough to have a memento to share with you, and faster.