Stone Circle of Dragons

Advancing to the sea before the long night

Advancing to the sea before the long night

old dragons breath ancient fire

their black skin blends with twilight silhouette

an ancient sea relieves hurt hot wings


They would love to fly, to raise! The sky is so far…

once lords they now wait red moonlight

a silent incantation of hope to break the spell

confining them to legends and myths


Drums of war are their hearts, lava for the last fight.

The worst wound a shame that burns:

be caged in rocks whom before were a proud kin

precisely them, a race of kings!


The caste of the Stone Circle of Dragons awaits

advancing before the long night…

to a promised redemption made of red moonlight

silently, slowly… into the old sea

18 thoughts on “Stone Circle of Dragons

  1. I see the dragons’ scales as they dive into the waves…seeking refuge?
    Dragons seem to be a recurring theme in your photos. Is this a new fascination or an older one rekindled by a thought or image?
    Thinking of my friend Francis on this brand new Monday morning :)

    1. When kid we had, among other encyclopedias, one for children about words in English with drawings, there was one word that was the same in English as in Spanish, it was the Dragon with a giant one fighting St. George. I think since then I have this fascination with those creatures :-)
      Said that at twilight these rocks in Ilo seemed to me like rock dragons in the sea forming circles so that inspire me to give the title of a certain social web where we are linked ;-) So it’s a circle of thoughts.
      Thinking on you as well, dear Melissa. Happy new week ^_^

  2. they will fly, the great dragons
    with a wondrous and luminous heart
    and with no shame will they rise
    as they remember the ancient seas
    and the times they first arrived…

    1. J’adore tes paroles. The hope opens an “it will continue” as in your marvelous poem “Climats variables”, perhaps happier, perhaps not, but it’s a new world.

      Infinite thanks for your gesture, Caroline; it’s like your words allowed to my eyes to see as a blind for first time; thanks for your words along mine…

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