15 thoughts on “Sleeping ashlars

  1. I had to look up the word “ashlar” in the dictionary….Now I wish that we had been able to visit Santa Catalina in the evening. I’ll just have to appreciate the evening hours at the monastery from your photos :)

    1. Yes… a full city of white and volcanic ashlars :-) Actually I took the photo from the street xP! I’m sure that’s a view we couldn’t got from the inside. I was on my way to take the bus to home and suddenly I saw that wall in almost silhouette with the clouds… Our time was so short, I think we get the most of it :-)
      I’m thinking, Santa Catalina is a place where the main theme is the colored walls, at evening perhaps the darkness would hide those walls negating the reason to go.

      1. Yes, but they said that you could run around the monastery with candles. That would make for some cool photos, I think :)

      2. Oh, I’m so distracted!!! I didn’t know that, hmmm, that sounds a bit like a Halloween theme, anything could happen. But could be that truth? I mean, I don’t remember to see drops of candle wax in the floor, meh! I’m thinking in medieval candles. I have just searched pics at night in google and looks interesting, I wonder how they control the visitors with so many places at night…

      3. Sorry to distract you!
        I’m following your line of thought…and I like it :D

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