22 thoughts on “The world after a soft rain…

    1. “We’re dancing in the rain
      Dancing in the rain
      “Life, gets you every time
      Open up ,
      You never know what you will find
      You never know what waits inside”
      The A Clockwork Orange version, hehe, just kidding :-) Thank you 🌹

    1. I went just once to see the building, I think it was going to be an exhibition or something, but it was so crowded…! The street and the church are called St. Francis (well, San Francisco :P)

      1. haha, I don’t think so, in that case the church would be instead a pub where you my friend from UK would have always free enter and free drinks ;-)

    1. It’s actually from Arequipa, I love my city but we have nothing similar to that street :S
      Of course I have not forgotten ^_^ I’m preparing the files, I have a limited number but they span a certain amount of years, and I want to publish a well thought post. I promise you I’m not going to extend it beyond this month and it’s going to worth the wait.

  1. It makes everything shiny too… In Pimentel the “special smell” after a soft rain was always dog sh**, but I’ll bet its different in Arequipa. I don’t remember to many dogs running around loose.

    1. Oh, Arequipa has fame to be the cleaner city in Peru. That’s truth, at least I haven’t seen traditional families to drop garbage to the street (but not so true with people that comes from other cities, I try to don’t be like that). Fortunately I don’t remember so many stray dogs :-)
      BTW, what horrible impression after the rain in Pimentel >___<

      1. Now that you mention it, Arequipa was quite clean. And dogs couldn’t run freely because they’d get hit by a car…or at least sunburned :P
        Te extrano! Besos!

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