Succa Aya – Memories from the countryside

Long afternoon

In quechua language Succa Aya means “Field of Sepultures”

The pre-Inca cemeteries are memories from the past, today it’s a district of Arequipa city and the name changed to Socabaya. Today I want to show you some views of these place ;-)

A road in middle of the fields

Tell me where can I go to…

I had a customer there, so I needed to go several times to see his property. There is no many people walking the road, usually just the road… I walked several times those distances filled of farms, giant towers of high voltage and plenty of solitude, with that slow time until I decided to take the public transportation to my lair in that city. This is what I used to saw:

At day…

White ashlars

The white ashlar in Arequipa has volcanic origin, it is used from to delimit the farms to built palaces and banks, actually to cover them, in a seismic place is not good idea to have massive buildings.

Mathematical hill

Try to cross

Some trees…

This is Halloween, this is Halloween ♪♫

At the end the light

And some horses…

Meditative Houyhnhnm (published before, shot with a defective film camera)

Horse head

Before the night…

Another day ends in the green countryside

Socabaya or Succa Aya is relatively far from the center of the city, so to go there I needed at least one hour and half of travel for the price of, in equivalence, thirty cents of US dollars. So it was not infrequent to end in middle of the sunset, always hidden behind the hills. But it’s a quite calm place to walk, and there is no more the heat of the day…

Line of gold

2D Tower (published before)

Alone in the dusk the light starts its electrical song

The faraway lights

Beyond the farms…

Light my fire

The district is bigger than the farms, there are places with houses of low and middle social-economic levels mixed with industries, so it’s not so peaceful as the farms habited by traditional families. They come usually from smaller cities and near is the penitentiary so it’s not so safe. In the public transport I’ve seen relatives of the inmates, sometimes they are dangerous too.

Cusqueña (published before, shot with a defective film camera)

Point of energy

So the landscape is a bit desolated, with stray dogs silently walking and warden dogs barking the strangers (what includes me); dust and a desert without vegetation being replaced constantly by a desert of bricks. But the sunset also comes to give a bit of color to this part of the city:

Colony in Mars


The day ends and the nocturnal life starts… But usually I was already in home given my report to my customer, but I got a pair of shots ;-)

Blue night

Searching in the stars


33 thoughts on “Succa Aya – Memories from the countryside

    1. Vielen dank für dein compliment :-) I’d love to know more about German language… I can see you have a vast culture, many thanks for coming. Kind regards from Peru, Francis.

      1. Actually I was referring to your culture as an individual, so many books and multiple references in your images :-)
        In this interconnected world, for example, our Peruvian legacy culture of design in harmony with nature is yours, as the German gestalt of Bauhaus school language now is part of us. Bis zum nächsten mal, Birgit. If you make Peru one day mine you have a friend in me :-)

      2. Oh, so I misunderstood you. And thanks: What a nice compliment! Thank you very much.
        About Bauhaus: I didn`t know that. Fascinating! Herzliche Grüße Birgit

  1. The ..pinkish and purple ones are the best! But I definitely ..also love the rest!.. hihi Especially the last two.. the last one.. Mesmerizing… :)

  2. This is quite a collection of photos, Francis. My three favorites are “Blue Night”, “Try to Cross” and, of course, “This is Halloween, This is Halloween”. I loved “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, too.
    Thanks for sharing more about Arequipa. Besos! :)

    1. haha, yeah, that was a funny movie :-) and Socabaya is such an interesting place to walk one afternoon, but it’s a bit common I think, I’m happy that we made instead Santa Catalina ;-)
      And I’m happy you liked it, besos ^_^!!!

      1. It doesn’t seem common from your photos. I guess that’s how you know that you’ve gotten to be a good photographer: You can elevate the common to the amazing :)

    1. I care to don’t post longer collections of photographs more than one day per week, and the other days just one thought and image. I feel flattered for your comment, Caroline, and happy… I know your time is limited so I appreciate you give a time for my space…

      The photographs were shot in few visits but in a span of several months. I care to try to show what I feel in every place, usually there I think I feel a strange feeling of isolation and human emptiness. As if everybody would be sleeping…

    1. Gracias querida Landa. : ) Es una de esas pequeña plazitas con sus iglesias solitarias y esas bancas donde puedes conversar… Me alegro mucho de que te gustó. Un fuerte abrazo. n_n

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