20 thoughts on “Volkswagen (sort of)

      1. Meiner hatte einen hellblauen und danach einen orangen Käfer. Produziert VW auch in Peru? Denn der “Beetle” wird in Mexico hergestellt.

      2. Meine Lieblingsfarben sind blau und orange )) nicht… Ich denke, dass unsere Volkswagen Autos in Brasilien hergestellt warden. Peru ist ein kleiner Markt für alles…

    1. Those are great cars, quite durable machines and a classic in our lands, a show of German industry :-)
      Thanks Ulli for your visit, greetings,

      1. My first car was a Beetle – we had more than 300.000 km together :-)
        Have a nice weekend, Francis.

      2. Wow, like travel around the world 7 times! It had to be an appreciated car…
        Thanks Ulli for your visit, kind regards,

    1. haha, Ok, I will not forget :-) Renault here are a bit expensive, although perhaps that’s for the entry of cheap Indian and Chinese cars. (in Peru money is the king :D)

    1. haha, quite appropriate! when kid I liked to have them in my hand, sadly some of them was so firm attached to their holes-homes that just the head used to pop out x_x

  1. Some advice…keep your head down, focus on what’s in front of you….and try not to get stepped on!
    Ooooh! Are you very distracted? ;)

    1. Yes, I have to focus :-) I was having a problem of design but I get at least to solve it. Now I’m just drawing.. fiuuu!
      hmmm, yes, usually these days my mind takes me to ideas and memories, but I couldn’t call those distractions but dreams :)))

      1. Good for you, solving your design problem! Enjoy your drawings…and your dreams ;)

      2. Thank you Melissa :-) Tomorrow I’ll have time to continue my projects fortunately \n/ and to discover your dreams as well ;-)

    1. Yes, I need to do more workout, hehe, just kidding :D I try to don’t have human prejudices toward animals so the comparison with a beetle moving across a road seems to me actually poetic. I remember in Egyptian religion the beetle scarab is the symbol or rebirth.
      Merci, Caroline, I don’t know if your Fridays are filled with good conversations in a bistro or in home warmed by your family but I hope you are having a nice night ;-)

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