20 thoughts on “Cubic planet orbiting a diamond sun

  1. Almost looks like a 3d render :)
    You know, if I had my system intact and my body intact, I would have bet you that I could render this exact scene out in 3d in half a day. :)

    1. Thanks Tejaswi. achieving a 3d character is a success in a 2d medium as is photography so I’m glad you see it that way :-)
      I have no doubt about your abilities as the careful scenarios you construct in your stories prove… I hope things change so you can show us more of your creativity and skill to the world.
      (btw half a day is pretty fast!)

      1. :) Don’t praise me too much, Francis, you may regret it hahaha.
        Yes, I used to be pretty good at the stuff, once upon a time, before I joined the Invalid Brigade.. I miss doing that.. the excitement of creating virtual worlds or special effects/vfx or just creating.. I was obsessed with work, always immersed in it. Which is how I ended up like this, I guess :)
        Anyway, 3d work is easy compared to photography, trust me. I can never get the hang of it, nor the concepts, or framing of shots etc … Yes, half a day, and mostly for texturing and lighting. Once I recover, if I do, I want to do it in a more relaxed manner and value my time and effort a little more too. Who knows? Maybe soon :)

      2. I hope it happens soon… What can I say, I understand you, I can get immerse in the work and sometimes I’ve been closer to damage hardly my body, so I always rest.
        In architecture the drawings try to express a 3d idea in the 2d surface of a screen or paper, I guess that’s my only preparation for photography, in part it’s a way to reduce stress because I try to do it by instinct and nor rationalize it.
        I can relate that, waiting for the program to render the lightning and texturing… that heavy task for computers. Take care, Tejaswi :-)

      3. Thanks, Francis. But you take care too. Getting immersed in work is sometimes destructive :) You are still young and resilient, and you will be tempted to think that your body will sustain it forever. I thought so too. You take care :)

      4. Yes, I think I learned the lesson a time ago… since then I always require a pause, feel or not tired, and try to get a routine of work-out and to walk. I think I can understand, thank you, Tejaswi, I’m grateful for sharing with me your experience of life :-)

    1. I’m sure I’m going to find marvels in your memories about quarries, if this post inspire you to remember then that’s a big compliment to me, thanks Inese.

    1. Bone soirée, Caroline :-) I calculated approximately four meters of height, and the distance from the carved ground to the top between six to seven meters… I couldn’t say if those numbers are high because that was the only time I was in a marble quarry.

  2. It is so absolutely amazing Francis… if I were standing next to that big rock, I think I would want to stay there for hours and would have a hard time walking away… those rocks hold so many memories… they are so beautiful to my eyes…

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