17 thoughts on “A blue sky

    1. Thank you Karen, actually I had no tripod so I lied my backpack in the floor and over it the camera so the composition was in part product of necessity, but it teach me to learn the perspective from that height!

  1. How on earth did you manage that shot, Francis? The nearer parts are in focus and so is the sky, but not the trees. Beautiful place, once more. Is that a public park?

    1. That’s a public park Tejaswi, it was a long exposure photograph, probably the wind caused a bit of motion and also without my tripod there was a bit of movement that blurred the trees. But not enough to think it’s not an useable image to display.

    1. After a day of beer I woke up and see this landscape and… ha! j/k :P I was just walking and wanted to get the whole tree against the sky, I’m glad you liked it :-)

      1. If you change beer for rum or wine it could be xD, oh, but those times at university time as decepticon ended, now I’m a good autobot ;-) Take care, Rose, greetings.

    1. Thanks kind lady ^_^ the artificial public light tinted that way the ground, yellow with blue have this beautiful combination to me. Cheers :-)

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