Stars in green

Costellations in green


The image is a successful “scan” with my digital camera of a Fujfilm Pro400H negative film shot in a Samsung ECX-1 film camera and processed with Capture One. Film is so expensive so I need to reduce costs… besides there is no much difference between what the lab gave me and my processed files.

It’s part of the method I’ve developed and of course I’m going to share here :-)

12 thoughts on “Stars in green

    1. I’m preparing the post, it’s laborious but instead of buying a dedicated scanner for hundred of dollars or burning twenty dollars for roll in the lab I’m scanning the negatives in home ;-)

  1. Rarely have the opportunity to see this shade of green in your pictures. I confess that for me, the most impressive thing in your pictures is sky. When I make first visit on your blog, that attracted me most! There are few in the blogosphere, which having such photo perspective of the sky. Maybe for you it is common and not notice it. Where i live, there is a rich vegetation (except during winter). It’s a very colorful vegetal world! From my visits made in Europe and what i saw in the blogosphere, there are just few places with so much vegetable color, as “my home” (for this reason and for religious reasons, Romania is called “Gradina Maicii Domnului” which means “garden of Holly Mother of Jesus Christ”). But i not have your sky! My sky is usually whitish (i live between two major cities, Bucharest and Ploiesti; atmospheric pollution is felt, and the altitude is 90 meters), and the clouds are usually banal. Just sunsets have a some spectacularity. If it were possible, i offer you, beautiful vegetable colors, in exchange with shades of bluish of sky and your spectacular clouds!

    1. Thanks Tejaswi :-) I know what you mean. In the coast the sky usually has no intensity. From 2000 meters to upwards the sky has the colors I love, but it’s harder to vegetation to grow, except in the jungle (and we have jungle at high altitude too because despite the Andes mountains we are near the Ecuadorian line)
      I adore your world of vegetation, certainly is a heavenly garden of flowers with ladies of superlative beauty, I think I could forget the sky xD
      The sky in the coast is whitish like you point… but they’re in the desert so there is no vegetation to compensate…
      Thanks for the offering Dan, I’m enjoying them ^_^ I’ll try to show more of the sky.

  2. I think you are agree with me that Tejaswi, our mutual friend, is a special man. I am honored that you put my, his name, but in Romanian language not exist this name (it would be hard to pronounce). Certainly you made a joke and not a confusion! Because talk of common friends, i would like to say that i’m glad, that you made other friends in Romania. I have a special mention for “doarnicol”. It’s a outstanding blogger who has specialized studies of Romanian language and literature, and of English language. I communicated more with “doarnicol”, because common passion for poetry. I assure you that he has a remarkable poetic talent. I regret that you can not understand her poems in Romanian language. He creates a poetry very romantic, refined and fluid, like a love song. You have noticed that he knows perfectly English, at professional level. I think he not have any problem to write a quality poetry, in English language! If he have more English language followers, then i think he write poetry in English. I am curious who will be your opinion when you can read her poetry!?

    1. Oh, I´m so sorry Dan -_- It was a confusion, I’m going to review his blog because I was replying as well to him… doarnicol is a gentleman, oh, I wasn’t sure because it’s hard to know genres in other languages (for example a USA penciler called Kelly Jones is a man)
      Well, Doarnicol’s poetry feels certainly like a primal world in a constant spring in an everlasting morning. That’s the feeling I get when I read the words across the online translations. A world I usually know across words…

      I’m so sorry Dan, I appreciate you so much that I cannot feel enough shame for that negligence. Hoping you’re having a great day.

      1. In Romania there is a habit: if someone’s wrong name, then have to get them a gift. I expect from you, a image with blue sky and spectacular clouds!? :D
        “doarnicol” is a lady (Mrs. Nicol). “doarnicol” means “just Nicol”. He chose this name, to say that on the blog is found only intimate personality and nothing from real character. You have noticed that on her blog can be found, only poems and other “sweet” things. In reality, Nicol working as a tourist guide in northern-east of Romania (District Iasi), where is many tourist attractions (historical and religious), from medieval period. He could present much history and wonderful pictures from that area, but he chose to put a wall between job and personal blog. He wants to be known only as a poet, though it may present many other interesting things. I told you these things about Nicol, because you are my friend and when you visit Virtual Romania, i want that you feel like in your home!

      2. There is a gift for you today Dan ;-) So I anticipated the Romanian tradition :D
        I understand now and I’m grateful for your trust toward me. Yes, I notice that she has created a wonderful world happy and untouched by mundane things, earthly yes but not those aspects of life that can bitter the experience. In that side she is a sun of morning.
        Thank your for share Romania with me :-) and again so sorry for the mistake -_-!

  3. you’re such a photographer, Francis… human eye and sensitivity… and technician…
    in my view, and in no manner do I mean to reduce what you are and do, but I often feel and perceive you as an artist who’s soul excels in the architecture of images…

    1. I’m just a man, grateful for your words, and fan of you ^_^ I’m so good in photography as you are opening your heart to the feelings and concepts in them. I’d like to think that I’m good understanding your marvelous, marvelous, marvelous world of images and words… I couldn’t define you, so I just can say that I appreciate you. A smile with wings to fly to you…

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