But… that’s not my bike!

but that's not my bike

I think the traditional homes in the Swiss or Polish countryside are built with wood, but in our countryside they are made with adobe so when I used to read classic tales the wolf in my imagination was hidden in an adobe house.

I remembered that when I was walking this place at the borders of Juliaca city, the bicycle made me think in a modern wolf (except we haven’t wolves so he would be a fox) with granny clothes trying to don’t sleep while waiting for a young lady that promised to be there with a scarlet dress and matching lingerie.

Then the hunter came a day earlier because the fields were empty of tarucas (our native deers) First he doesn’t know why he feels an unfamiliar sensation so his instincts of hunter starts to drive him… scans in silence the scene until he notices with surprise the bike, not his bike, lying against a window, wondering if there is a tale inside and what if that tale already finished…

25 thoughts on “But… that’s not my bike!

  1. Haha, what an interesting thought, Francis. And to tell you this, it really is spooky, I got my daughter to sleep just yesterday with the same story. (Except in my story it was a woodcutter, not a hunter :( I guess I have forgotten the story myself).
    But I like the way your imagination runs :D “Tale already finished” :)

    1. Hmmm, a woodcutter would make more sense, but in the Andean highlands the trees are so scarce that for that reason the homes in the countryside are of adobe. I think you are right in the version of the story.
      Thanks, Tejaswi :-)

      1. :) Not sure, Francis, when I tell my daughter the stories, I just make up things on my own. So not sure if it is from the original or if it is something I imagined.

  2. and what is ‘adobe’, francis? I don’t see very very well…….. it’s ‘straw’? but it’s not the story of ‘3 little pigs’ :-)

  3. there’s even a heart in the middle of the window…
    and what a beautiful picture… i truly love everything about it… it’s the kind of picture I would leave on my desktop for a while… ;-

  4. I love this photo for two reasons:
    1.) It is a fantastic photo of a bike leaning against a lovely, old building… For some reason, it is a bit romantic whenever I see a bicycle leaning up against a wall.
    2.) This photo/scene made your imagination blossom into telling such a good story :-)

    Wishing you well from Czechia… the weather has been cold and rainy here, but just now, the sun has broken through, and it looks like a warm autumn day! Enjoy your spring, Francis, and take care!

    1. I wonder if sometime electric bikes will replace the normal bikes in the countryside : ) I like Czechia, sounds a bit like “hi” in Polish, cześć. Here these days are a bit in between, traveling for some works, and when returning very happy to see your presence. Thank you, Randall. Happy too for the sun warming the autumn.

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