22 thoughts on “Lomas

    1. Thank you very much Georgette, sorry for don’t reply before. Now I’m in a little work trip to the coast. Said that it’s not so beautiful as your smile :-)

  1. Exactly what brought the “infinite” to mind :D Views from high above, seemingly endless, like if you crossed the next crest, there would be more on the other side. :D Wonderful pics.

      1. Greetings, Francis. It has been rather lonely out here without you :D

        Now, we just need someone to tell us to go get married hahahaha…

        But I hope you are well. Bring back lots of pictures..

        (Disclaimed: I am married, he is not. Both of us are men, neither of us gay. The above lines are about friendship. So, girls, if you read this, do not panic. Francis is still on the selling block :D )

      2. haha, ok XD I’ve just a few minutes in internet but thanks for the compliments, Tejaswi.
        I’m with a bit of work still, far from my usual lairs but then again work is fine.
        Meh! I think mostly the ladies reading aren’t aware if I’m boy or girl XD

    1. Thank you, Ulli. I’m glad the picture inspire you those feelings. Can you believe I shot it from the window of a bus in movement? :D
      Take care,

  2. It looks gentle enough, but looks are deceiving ;) I know it’s a high-altitude wilderness of small shrubs that grab and scratch the ankles and the slightest inclines leave me breathing heavily for lack of oxygen…..but it looks great in a photo! :)

    1. Yes, it’s deceiving, until now I know I had to carry your stuff and give you more clothes so you could feel less the oxygen. Next time as you said you are going to organize the trip ;-)

      1. Of course you shot this photo from the safety of a bus ;) Only a crazy person would wander out there :P

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