I hear you

I hear you

Still working and traveling… so I’m not going to be so fast replying.

This is a peace of Juliaca city, we have so many antennas… with one quarter of million of people we have so many local tv channels as the capital with its eight millions population, sure people likes a lot of tv :D

12 thoughts on “I hear you

      1. I read at breakfast time, lunch time and bed time, also if I have an unexpected break between clients, so I can get through a couple of normal size books a week. If it’s a big tome it takes longer 😊

      2. Oh no you are certainly not illiterate! I’m just an addict to historical novels, am in a series of books set in 14th century, 3 done, 28 to go. Fascinating history.

  1. Peruvians must have their dramas and gameshows! When I was staying in a hotel for a month in Chiclayo, I could have dragged a bloody corpse through the lobby and the workers there would have no idea because their eyes were glued to the television!
    Have a good day :)

    1. haha, oh, sounds like I could go there easily then ;-) haha, even more I think the workers would think that the lady dragging the corpse was part in their memories of a series CSI like on TV XD
      Thank you, Melissa :-) good day for you too…

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