18 thoughts on “Thread of dreams

  1. “… with tears in her eyes, she fell asleep. He came by a little while later, his cowboy boots crunching the gravelly earth and making ‘ker-chink-ker-chink’ noises as he came closer. She did not wake up. The banner from above the shop had slid down and had covered her like a blanket. It read – ‘Refresca tu pasion’. He turned away sadly at the irony and walked away without looking back….”

  2. I love this photo even though it looks as though this woman’s business is not doing very well.
    Do you think she has visions of chickens running through her dreams?

    1. Probably she is doing very well as every business in Juliaca, I could bet upstairs her children are playing with a playstation and a flat tv. It’s more a question of the architecture I’ve to explain but I can say for her clothes the advertisement and the size of her shop that she has a comfortable economic level.
      If she wants to eat a pollo a la brasa of course she could be dreaming about chicken XD!

      1. Wow! You see with much better eyes than I do :) I’m happy for her that she’s making such a comfortable living…but I’m not so happy for the chicken :P
        Sometimes I dream about pollo a la brasa…It’s a lovely, yummy dream :)

      2. Oh, is because I know about buildings, the structures of that building are much more expensive than you would believe (if you think twenty thousand dollars you would be short) ☺ You had a glimpse of my way of life and you could see that my dinner of a cup of tea and three breads is more a question of habit than poverty.

      3. Fascinating! Now I’m curious to know how much one of those building would cost ;)

      4. A lot because under the city there are rivers running so the foundations have to be so expensive. hehe, and well, we build with concrete, steel and brick… (there is no much panels like in USA)

  3. I come back to her, a few days later… When I first looked at her, and her environment, I wondered what gave me a feeling of “goodness”, of wanting to be in her shoes, a taste of something I like and connect with.
    Now that I look at her again, three days later, I think it’s the sense of abandonment, of letting go of the earthly preoccupations, and what seems to be a distance that’s engrained in her from the “blinding sparkles” of americanized beliefs and ways.
    I just read your words to Melissa where you explain that there are probably children playing with a playstation upstairs or watching a flat tv.
    My heart still goes to that woman, I still believe in her power, be it only to hold on and nurture the memory she has of quieter times (as I imagine them of course) when “things” didn’t represent as much. Times when having enough was maybe all you needed to feel gratitude…

    1. I’ve just returned to my habitual place… dear Caroline, I think you are already in her shoes. If I wouldn’t like to travel certainly I would have probably a similar work and I’d be just happy having a peaceful life, actually when kid I used to make the same (without electricity there wasn’t so many options anyway) and my grandmother worked like that (well, she had a tv so she wasn’t much outside :D) When I read your words (despite the language barrier) I know that your life is not focused in objects but in you just letting enjoy yourself your loved Montreal. The mountain to you is not important because it’s a mountain but the feelings it conveys in you. At least is that way I see it…
      Certainly the lady would feel a big gratitude to you, usually people from other countries or even from our capital when see this they think in a kind of poverty, but it’s simply another way to live the life, for example I almost have no things but that’s because I don’t feel the need of them. In the picture the ornaments to cover the brick aren’t so important as the brick and concrete itself.
      Said that… What do you mean when you say “her power”? our society is patriarchal-matriarchal so both, husband and wife works and are complete families, a woman with more power (economic, social or political) is not something uncommon or incorrect, at least that way is seen in the societies of colonial influence where women use to study but in the end just being wives at home and men afraid of independent women. In my case I love the force of will of a woman to chase her dreams. as has been in every woman in my lineage.
      Thanks for coming, I appreciate beyond words your visits so I wanted to write you calmly and not between stolen moments :-)

      1. I believe that I am mostly referring to the power to be connected to the moment, to spirit, to life. And not taken and blinded to it all by greed and other desires that empty the soul. And the heart.

      2. Oh, that power. I think you are very powerful and unique… perhaps I’ve known persons with harmony of your way to see the life one person more in my whole life…
        Mostly persons that speak about that power are also blinded by books or authors about mysticism, spiritualism and so on. But they are replacing greed with just another obsession. In part for that I’m so happy to have found you and to know that you’re real…

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