Fight the grey!


This picture was shot in summer in Ilo city, now is winter but the weather is hot… I guess you in the Northern Hemisphere are starting to feel the weather lightly cold, instead I can almost tolerate the hot weather and I’m sure there are more people swimming in the sea…

18 thoughts on “Fight the grey!

  1. To my temperature is still 38 degrees! We had the hot summer from the last 50 years! Many voices say it could be a weather war, from part of Russia, due to the conflict in Ukraine. In Romania we have the worst drought in 50 years! We had two months at 40 degrees, without rain! In this summer, just Carpathian Mountains and Black Sea, saved us.

  2. The sky, the sea, and the absolute blues…
    But to me, this image is only as beautiful as it is scary… for I like to be mostly alone by the sea… always searching for quiet spots… away from crowds…
    So I can hear her… talk to her… and think only of her…

    1. And then I would appear, without you could notice, with my camera taking a portrait of you in your intimate moment with her :-)
      I understand you, that sea of people crashing against the sea can turn the sea from a kind of temple into a kind of market; a bit tense to overcome… the rhythm of the waves crashing against the yells and the people eating. But always we can walk and our feet can take us for sure to a tranquil place ☺ Believe it or not near of that place there is a national park to see sea lions.

  3. a very colourful scene, and well composed, the little umbrellas are cute. But I too would shun that beach, I am too used to our quiet coastline where the world has not found us. :)

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of difficulty with the heat. Ilo seems to be such a cruel mistress to you, even after you composed such a beautiful shot of the beach ;)
    BTW – I went out onto the Kansas prairie to take photos today….I wish you could’ve been with me, but I know that you would have withered in the 40-degree heat. I could barely take it myself :P
    Best wishes for a speedy return to the high country! Besos!

    1. Thank you, my lady :-) At least it’s paid work to survive and food and roof is paid by my employer, but yeah, I miss to have more time. I’ll work faster.
      40 degree! I would be with you just some minutes until my body would vanished in the air in a drop of cinnamon… that climate is bad for you girls but good for us boys that can see you in more comfortable clothes *_*
      Thank you!, happy to know good news about your life, Melissa. Besos de chocolate :-)

      1. More ‘comfortable’ clothes…aren’t you a scoundrel ;)
        Actually, I braved the heat in long pants and long sleeves, so that I wouldn’t freckle or burn.
        I love the imagery of you evaporating into a drop of cinnamon, but I hate the idea :(
        Don’t stress out over working faster — I’ll be here when you get back :)

      2. Oh, then you used the Arabian desert techniques :D Poor Kansas boys, anyway. Tomorrow I finish my work and probably to there I’m going to be some hours in Tacna city to do some shopping :P
        (btw, I don’t know why but I love the word scoundrel XP) You would evaporate in a drop of white pearl I think ;-)

    1. Thanks PedroL (Y) I didn’t know about that far place, but yes, is like having been in a sort of same place in different frequencies… Kind regards from Peru, Francis.

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