A hole in the sky

A hole in the sky

I saw this window open in a building in Juliaca city, my city, mirroring our landscape, it was so precious… the clouds in our high altitude seems to fly in a rush, not in vain we are also called the windy city, with gangsters as seen in the movies XP

Some people could think that it kills “traditions” as little homes with calamine roofs, to them I should to say that those roofs weren’t part of our traditions and are part of poverty. Instead every time I used to climb the sacred hill the sun shinning in them was so harmful to my eyes, so I hope they can belong to the past.

(But when baby in my craddle I loved the sound of the drops of the storm singing me a lullaby until fall sleep)

18 thoughts on “A hole in the sky

    1. Merci beaucoup, Mélanie :-) I hope everything is fine with your travels, I’m know in a trip of work in the coast without internet, but happy to see you in the few chances I get. Of course I remember your posts ;-)

  1. Of all your photos, I think I have a new favorite :) Not only have you managed to capture an amazing blue sky and landscape reflected off the glass in this photo, but you’ve added the surreal touch of an open window…perhaps to another realm or dimension.
    Saludos y besos desde Los Estados Unidos! Mwaaaah :D

    1. That’s quite a compliment, thank you, Melissa *_*
      It was in a fifth floor I think, quite a view! I’m happy you liked it so much ;)
      A gran beso y abrazo (especial) desde el exótico Perú :$

  2. Francis, I never looked at roofs as something that could really hurt the eyes. I was never confronted to such a situation. Your words made me research what calamine roofs were exactly. I just read about how they came to be used to replace straw and tile roofs. And how they brought along an even greater look of poverty to villages. So I understand better now how you feel about them. It is a fact that we often romanticize certain visions of villages… and mix up poverty with tradition… even here.
    As for the sound of raindrops… as far back as I can remember, I have loved the sound of rain. Wherever, in forests, on streets… And very much so on tin roofs. In more recent years, I have mostly hear that music at the house of some friends of mine in the country. It may sound like a paradox… but it has a very fancy and expensive metal roof. And I love being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of raindrops… or fall asleep or wake up in the morning to their music.
    And what a beautiful picture, Francis.

    1. Thank you Caroline, you have just bring to me a forgotten memory. I was almost thinking in write about the sound of the rain in forests, that It could be fantastic and in our Andean Plateau as they are so rare I had never lived that experience. But suddenly I remembered when child I went with other kids and my older brother to the forests of Sicuani (near Qosco or Cuzco, the capital of the Inca empire) to camping and hiking. It was fabulous, the rain in the trees, so tall and the sound with the wind… I was shivering not by the cold but by the emotion.
      hmmm, a metal roof, you have also give me curiosity of architect to that idea, thank you :-) Today I walked with you in sounds.

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