New continents breaking in pieces…

new continent breaking in pieces

I’m still in Ilo city so I thought it would be nice to post a photo taken these days here. I shot it with my tablet, with my old cell phone dead and my camera without battery (so I asked to my brother the charger with a cheap mail) I had fun with it in these days that turnet into a greyish winter from the hot illusion of summer I found..

It’s a platform in the shores, it’s strange they used simple asphalt, there is a special concrete when you build in places with contact with the salty water of the ocean… anyway, I like so much how it´s vanishing in a puzzle of a dark texture…

31 thoughts on “New continents breaking in pieces…

  1. Nice picture.. and yes, asphalt in seawater ends up with a rubbery feel to it.. some idiot built a concrete stage near the seashore for his beach house and late night parties a few years ago.. Washed away last year, but these great and small chunks of rubber-like concrete dirtied the shore for a long time after that..

    1. A reason to get a person with knowledge, said that if it wasn´t a nice building perhaps it got an appropiate end, I think beach houses are quite dangerous to the landscape if they aren’t designed well.

      1. Hahaha.. only you and I could say it aloud.. I hate beach-houses.. Yes, most of them got an appropriate end in the last two years. You know, Francis, there really might be some force of Justice in the world.. there are shacks of poor fishermen along the shore, small and unpretentious houses of the not so well-to-do… and so far none of them have been damaged even. But all these beach-houses, each year two or three get swept away with all their costly timber, structural decorations, even air-conditioning units and all that.. It is almost like they are targeted. (But since I am neither superstitious nor a believer, I like to think it is because they built it after destroying the casuarinas groves in front and replaced them with benches and tiles so close to the sea).

      2. That’s strange, it seems people couldn’t be asking the services of good professionals (everywhere there are good ones) Sea shores are quite delicate because in my opinion they convey an idea of infinite so a building closed in itself and not in harmony with it is more like an interruption of landscape…

      3. yes, but then most building here are like that.. not really in harmony with the rest of the landscape.. even those not too close to the shore..
        Anyway, can’t help it …

      4. You bet, for example, the very modern use of the columns.. doric, ionic.. it does not make sense, but still it is supposed to be up-market, very fashionable.. don’t even get me started on it :D

        But you know what, hypocrite me :D.. I love pergolas.. and I would always love them… and I love straight lines or perfect curves.. depending on the surrounding or the kind of thing a client wants.. (oops, I should not say client hahaha.. I am not an architect..) … But what you said above is a formidable statement.. save it on your hard disk.. some day when you are famous, I will quote it on your behalf :)

      5. Architect is not a title made of paper… who knows Tejaswi, someday I could be famous for scape from a penitentiary XD
        Kind regards from far away…

      6. :) Francis, for sure.. one day you will be, my friend.. and being famous is not as important as being skilled/useful I suppose and that you already are :)

      7. Thank you for the generosity of your words, Tejaswi ☺ But in Peru just politicians and football players are famous, so certainly fame is something that doesn’t chase to the rest of us :D

      8. haha, it’s because I’ve not ambitions to have fame or richness. I’m already well in my situation, and Peru is quite big… not India big but certainly a world in itself.

      1. Yessss! at least I’m free! so today I went to a trip in boat to the ocean also took a longer shower and went to walk to the night just because…

      2. That sounded like a wonderful and calming time for you. I’m sure we’ll be lucky to see some photos of your trip, I hope. Take care dear friend!

  2. Indeed, the ocean has turned it into something quite beautiful.
    And this picture honors that beauty – with this incredible blue that complements the other colors and makes them that much more beautiful.
    It’s beautiful, Francis.

    1. Merci, Caroline :-) I’m glad you find it as beautiful as me every time I passed around there, even I shot a video in the tablet. And the sea there is of an intense blue! at midday it’s of a particular turquoise, I think beyond our sea it’s more a marine blue. I’d love to know the colors of the oceans you’ve seen.

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