17 thoughts on “Dawn in brick city

      1. Yes, I know. So true. If the lines were cleanly cut, there would be less wastage. Here they do it with laterite stones, huge heavy ones (15-18″x10″x6″), they are expected to cut clean straight lines on the edges, but they never do, so they waste enormous amounts of cement mortar when they should have spent a little more time chipping the edges to a sharp straight line.

      2. With time people will notice the advantage of properly cut stones as happens here when people now that better bricks means spend less money in materials and money to pay workers as they require less time to build.

      3. We are so wasteful over here, even now.. even when we use hollow concrete blocks and pre-fab concrete blocks, it is still the same wasteful way the mortar is applied. The workers refuse to change. They protest that the walls will not be strong if enough cement is not used :D

        And to tell you the truth, even the civil engineers and contractors don’t really bother or believe that too, even though they ought to know better.

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of brick. Fantastic colors. And a dying art over here. My moms family were all brick layers. That’s some thing you don’t here these days;)

    1. Oh, I heard that there brick is so expensive in comparison to panels! construction is an activity that requires art and skill. I always treat them with respect.

  2. A beautiful combination of colors. The blue really accentuates the red…but shoddy masonry work.
    What were you doing on the roof at dawn???

    1. Yeah, people use to think they save using cheap bricks but it just gets expensive to maintain…

      I was working until dawn, and beyond, a lot of work; when that happens I like to see the clouds a bit at that hour because usually in profound sleep at those hours so I’ve to take advantage of something barely seen by me :D

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