Silence in lines

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

lines in red

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

lines in blue

A cultural obsession of us the cultures in the south of the former Inca empire is the search of entities with two sides or symmetries in them. Every body has a masculine and feminine principle implicit, every body has a connection with the sky and the sea with the earth. So to me these two photographs, shot in the same city at day and night, in blue and red, seeing the natural and the artificial are a kind of one photograph of the same subject.

This were shot just a few days ago while I was working in Ilo city, stolen moments after dinner and launch. I liked the peaceful calm in both, so to me that silence with different shapes was what drew my attention.

18 thoughts on “Silence in lines

    1. Once I travelled to Chile and they are more Europeans in their culture so I discovered perhaps we’re not very known and perhaps what I show or say couldn’t be understood outside, so since then I try to explain… Thank you for your interest, Sylvie :-)!

      1. The battery of my camera was exhausted and my cell phone died… so the tablet was my only alternative, and our the midday sun it was a bit tough to shot.
        Ahhhh, I remember kind lady that you mentioned before about Sir Francis Drake, and he passed the place of these photographs, but I cannot find data about that :-(… Could you suggest me some bibliography? I’d buy the books and read it, I say it because in my country people just to say “don’t be lazy and search” (what is funny because they just could say “I dunno” lol) but the thing is I’m searching for some weeks now and I just see biographies. Perhaps he could have a diary?

      2. He did write a diary but I can’t find it published. There are a few books on his round the world voyage on but I’ve never read any about him so I don’t know how much would relate to you. Sorry that’s not much help!

  1. Ooooh! That top photo is spooky! It’s like a spirit or being is reaching into the room in the form of a ray of red light….only to be dissolved into millions of photons. Visual entropy. Maybe that’s why you felt so hot :P

    1. Not even a lost spirit visited me XD The wall has this intense red, so at night the shadow with the street lights has this rendering, the old window made those shadows.
      hmm, beautiful “visual entropy”, I felt hotter remembering than the colors of the building :)

      1. It’s okay….Spirits don’t choose to visit me either.
        I once thought that a spirit was visiting me when I was in a grubby hotel room in Jakarta and heard a tapping noise on the door at 2am….It just turned out to be a prostitute with an incorrect room number :(

      2. :O that sounds so funny! “oh, I’m the wife of that good for nothing and about to be his widow; and if u aren’t help me to kill him I suggest you to get out ladyboy!”

  2. Beautiful pictures… i love the red one… i can make it big and plunge into it, which I always much enjoy with your photos… I wish I could make the second one bigger…

    1. Hello, Caroline :-) I fixed it, thanks for the kind advice. I always set the option to the link but this time it seems I made a mistake. Hoping everything is well there.

      1. thank you my friend… this one is beautiful too… and it’s always nice to be able to project or imagine myself in a moment through a picture that you “chose” to take… an image that meant something to you… it reminds me that i was talking about something similar with someone today… something about these virtual communications creating, with certain people, a sort of sensation of multiple/parallel lives…
        i love your photographs… thank you…

      2. The virtual world is so fragile… me or you could just vanish from it, so I’m glad to have found it here and that makes it special, this fragility.
        You know I love your world.

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