24 thoughts on “Cloud falling to the ground

      1. Actually, Francis, I do that often.. try to see and imagine things.. :) Sometimes funny stories, sometimes sad ones.. but it is nice to imagine it like that.. But this was a nice one, I could not have possibly imagined an angel :)

  1. Well, if I were a fallen angel, I’d want to be dropped off in Arequipa as well ;) I guess she’ll just have to take a combi to get around town…

    1. Oh, one of our combis, so compact that I think they are imported from a country habited by hobbits xD If you were a fallen angel I’d love to wait for you in the ground to catch you with my arms ;-)
      But in honor of truth I’ve to say that this sky is from Juliaca, always to me is strange to see vertical clouds. Thank you, Melissa ☺

      1. You’re so sweet <3
        Vertical clouds are strange to me too, but then my usual point of view is from an altitude much lower than that of Juliaca.
        Lol! I think "combis" is an acronym for :
        Method of
        If you have no
        :) Am I right?

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