8 thoughts on “Ships waiting in the Turquoise Sea the return of a sleeping king…

  1. it’s a lovely boat… I love rowing boats… this one reminds me (but there was never those colors) of my childhood when I would sometimes spend part of the summer in the country by a lake somewhere, my parents would rent what we call a “chalet” for the family every few years… but I imagine this boat has a little motor… still, it reminds me of how much I love rowing slowly on a lake… thank you for sharing Francis…

    1. Exactly, this boats have a little motor, in fact the last time I took a trip a few days ago my lens cap fell to the motor inside the tables so the drive had, to my shame, retire the tables and I could recover it -_-, although they use sometimes rows, perhaps to save combustible.
      It’s interesting you mention the colors, in Peru usually fishermen’s boats are blue and a few white, either in the sea in the coast or in the highlands in lake Titicaca, except the traditional boats made of totora (a plant that grows in the water and is used even to make artificial floating islands by the Uros people until these days) so to me is surprise to think in boats with other colors. Take care so much and thank you for the visit, dear Caroline.

      1. Thank you for sharing all this… the falling lens… the fishermen’s boats… the totora plant … (close to our “roseaux” I guess)… And take good care Francis…
        It’s very hot here, it seems that today will be the last very warm summer feeling day before the weather turns to colder, more normal, autumn air… September has been warmer then usual… So, I will go walk a little in these last hours of summer, before the night falls… have a good night… in the more southern part of this planet… where you are Francis… and a good and peaceful sleep… -_-

      2. You’re welcome Caroline, and thank you for the good wishes.
        I know you love the summer as much as I love winters, so I hope you find a great walk of end of summer.
        Good night and good dreams :-)

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