27 thoughts on “Sleeping at the end of sunset street

    1. Of course it’s for time issues because you have the wonderful fujinon 35mm f1.4 (it’s with a fixed lens), the marvelous ancient English architecture and your great photographic skills ☺

  1. Lol Francis, like Fraggy, I too will one day get a shot like this . U see we end our day way too early for me to ever learn how to take nite time photos. This is outstanding !! Awesome bokeh

    1. Thank you! actually the camera is a simple one (that’s the maximum bokeh possible) and quite hard to shot at night (I needed to rest it in a bench park arm.
      Said that I’d love to get early photographs but I cannot simply wake up as early as you -_-

      1. Oh, then you have a nice reason to share a coup of wine! and your husband is fortunate to have in you a witty poet ;-) Thank you for the compliments, Rose ☺

    1. Actually I was resting a bit seeing the artificial lights turning on, I’m happy because your comment says I had success in transmit that feeling. Thank you, Julie!

  2. I can get a visual like this….all I have to do is take my contact lenses out :P No, seriously — lovely , lovely bokeh shot at one of your two favorite times of day :)

    1. With or without contact lenses you have wonderful eyes *_* I think you’ve better sight than me, my vision is like Schwarzenegger’s predator level as I told you once, and that once was a better time than the sunset ^_^

      1. That’s odd. I don’t remember that tidbit about you. Can you see in infrared, too? I would believe it, considering how you react to cold temperatures :)

      2. XD, well, it was the day you arrived to Arequipa, if I’m not wrong, and you asked me how it was my vision without my glasses, perhaps my way to pronounce or the busy of our activities made it lost in so many things said :D I’ve more problem to see further than closer, I see it a bit indeterminate. Thank you, Melissa of the clear eyes ☺

      3. I had to search the meaning in urban dictionary of cloud 9 :D, well, curiously I was there as well. And I think it was imprint in my mind :-)))
        Besos de chocolate :P

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