21 thoughts on “Two friends in the open

    1. I don’t know, those are mushrooms that grow in my land (the Andean highlands) near sources of water or places with high humidity. They have to have a name but I’m so elemental to know which it is. Sorry.

      1. wow.. really? hmm, that is something that did not strike me at all.. thank you.. We have taken so much from your continent (the colonies and trade etc) that I assumed you must have those fruits too. Hmm.. must read more about that. Thanks, Francis

      2. From the India what I remember we have are figs and mangos. But that’s what I remember, probably there are more fruits. Once I went to a restaurant with Indian food but it wasn’t because the owners were followers of that new age stuff with vegetarian principles, so I received the same food but without salt and quite little in a room with mandalas. I could starve the same in home XD

      3. hahahaha… what a story…!! Yes, the stupidity is that it is getting worse now. For example, in Bombay, forget eating, possessing beef in any form is now a punishable crime!! Holy cow and all that, but not extended to even buffalo, bulls and so on.. Ridiculous tinpot dictatorships.. Interfering in every little thing now. And I kid you not, the latest stupidity is way too much to even believe, but it is not yet law, just a draft. According to the new Encryption draft law, you cannot delete your messages for 90 days and must be presented to security officials when asked for it. If you delete you may be punished.

        The trouble is, Francis, it is the aftermath of the Weimar Republic all over again, the time is ripe. But the world is blind, my own countrymen are blind. In fact, not just blind, fanatical and stupid, not quite a great combination.

      4. That’s quite scary! that’s something that could be in the 1984 novel and not in a democracy. I hope people notices the damage to their liberty… but I guess if the government there is similar to here then they’re going to show a celebration or a holyday to calm to the masses so they forget to actually get an informed opinion. It wouldn’t be strange if some people actually are asking for that law in the believing it’s going to give them more security, as the tale of the man and the horse, the one that finishes with the horses being slave of the men forever.

      5. Yes, that is correct.. or maybe a war or two… (Or a Reichstag fire, but oh wait, that is already done here, so must try something else, maybe riots or communal frenzy). The people will swallow anything, even in this day and age. You are so right, like the Enabling Act of Hitler, absolutely, for their own security and protection. You are right. But you know what? This is not even a satire, this is reality. This is no longer comedy, but a tragedy. Yes, like that story… but er.. replace horse with ass with respect to this country :D

      6. People will swallow anything in a faster way precisely because the new technologies I think, the history is in cycles because nobody cares to study the mistakes of the past… I hope the mass of Indian smart people can have more influence; sadly history proves that usually just the more violent and extremist are the ones with the stronger voice.

      7. you are right, sad but true. What is sadder is that a vast majority of our educated people cannot see it at all, what is happening around them. THey are happily surrendering their freedoms, their minds.. all in the hope that the nation will become greater. How foolish! I often tell people that the more patriotism around, the more suspicious it should be. Nothing good ever came of patriotism, at least not this mindless kind. We may yet see jackboots on this soil.. :(
        But never mind, I never talk politics online these days.

    1. Just for safety I don’t eat them. I know only two things to eat in the highlands but perhaps a peasant could say if there are comestible varieties… I hope to see the mushrooms in your garden ☺

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