Sit down, I’ve many stories to tell…

Sit down, I've many stories to tell...

Book review

I ended to read “Did You Read That Review?: A Compilation of Amazon’s Funniest Reviews”, you can found it here. Navigating the internet I read comments by internet trolls, the usual stuff, so one guy wrote that instead of deleting them moderators should just grouping them as Amazon did and sell them as a book. I couldn’t believe that could exists because I love to read comments and reviews, and if they are smart much more; one of my favorites Borges’ tales and fictional essays are those that are reviews of fictional books, as “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” So I purchased the Kindle copy as just 1.49 bucks and I ended enjoying it a lot XD. Also I had read a lot of history and serious books so to balance (in my culture balance and symmetries are important) I needed something light. There are quite funny reviews as deep analysis of movies with Shaquille O’Neal, music by Hulk Hogan; reviews of watches and pens that cost thousands and thousands of dollars and articles like bananas slicers (haha, banana is one of the words in English I found so funny!!! How can you say it without laughing!?) And so on. I’ll do as usual my serious review, this time it will be a “review of reviews” XD

A spyware called Google

Speaking about Amazon, today I deleted every app in my tablet downloaded with the Google Play market and replaced by the same downloading it from the Amazon Appstore for Android. Every month it’s just harder to use Android because Google wants me to join Google Plus, and I don’t want anything if it’s forced to me. Before I used to comment actively reviewing my apps or commenting in Youtube, but that ended when they forced to have a Google plus account, I’m not against google but against force you to don’t have options and just do what they want you to do. Today I wanted to play some game but I couldn’t because there was an advice with a stuff similar to “this game needs google play games” and after that “you can have more advantages having a google plus account” and after several messages interrupting me that was the moment when the volcano of my head erupted in a lava of irritation so I just deleted them. Now to me Google is simply a spyware hard to get rid off my devices. If you have the same issues as me I suggest you to use Amazon, they don’t have the same number of apps for your android but at least you aren’t going to feel the heavy pressure of the hands of Google around your throat in search of get your data to share it in a world were some people lives to hurt you using that data.

First spring day

In the last story today starts the spring. It was a quite hot day! My time to eat ice-creams ended so know starts my season for hot teas and chocolates.

24 thoughts on “Sit down, I’ve many stories to tell…

  1. Ah, Google’s forcing of apps is only the beginning. Today your phone, tomorrow the world.
    Seriously, I’m convinced Google is SkyNet (reference to Scifi movie)

    1. Terminator is a super classic! in fact Skynet is a exact reference. The positive side is that in my case at least that’s another reason to enjoy life in the real world and not spending in virtual illusions. Hoping everything is well, Kim.

  2. Ha, so you too have gone the ebook way :D Ok, so I became a convert just a few months ago, but wait till I get my collection back.. (6000+) Then you can read as much as you please :)
    As far as Google is concerned. Yes, I had the same objections. They removed gtalk and forced us to use that Hangouts thing. So I simply turned it all off. Don’t use any of them. But the trouble is, if you log in to mail, it also logs you into everything else. Nasty people!! Really nasty. It is the story of the world, The oppressed of the world become the oppressors and this success story is even more blatant. The defenders of the internet, free speech, Ha!! Horrible company. Intrusive, dictatorial. I am not sure Amazon is any better. I am suspicious of all of them.
    Anyway, good to read this, Francis. And I really loved the picture. Once upon a time I made something like that with bricks, for the garden. Sadly, it is not a little eroded and since I cannot maintain it well, it gets damaged in the heavy rains.. (there is no protective coating on the mud bricks, just that they are baked and not simply set in the sun and they survive). It is a sort of semi-circular garden seat with two columns at the end that have planters on top. The plants in them died a long time ago, since my wife started working too. The garden is a dense jungle now. Sad. But that semicircular adobe construction reminded me. Lovely.

    1. I just have ebooks for not so important literature, if electricity fails or device dies as, for nature of lithium batteries, is inevitable I prefer to have a physical book that I can lend to my brothers, the same with music, I prefer to buy cd’s and convert them to flac or other formats.
      I’m not loyal to any company, the time Amazon changes I’ll choose my convenience and find another thing.
      The semi-circular shape of your design says me that you did it as a little place to talk for informal reunions but at the same time appreciate the garden, it sounds marvelous despite the time. I hope you can recover that place that came from your mind. The construction in the photograph is from a little city called “the pink city” so they have to respect the old buildings, this building has not more of fifteen years I think.

      1. I agree.. the same here.. we would be foolish to be bound to any one brand or company. Yes, I use flac too.. :)

        Well, that was the idea. It was a corner of the garden with a few short trees around, one flowering tree forming an arch/umbrella over the entire place, hardly ten feet tall. So it was quite cosy. I had laid the garden bricks myself, marked out the edging with bricks all with my own hands. It took me a few days, but I would not let anyone interfere with it. Then there was a small lotus pond, again built of bricks. The only problem is, very little sunlight. So the lawn never grew well, but it was still very nice. Especially at night, with the garden lights on. The top of the semi-circle was not made of stones like in your picture. We don’t get those stones here. So used black oxide with cement to give it that granite look. Unfortunately, that too has turned grey now. Yes, Francis, some day, soon. There is a lot to be done before the entire places collapses :D not just the garden.

      2. As many things in your life that sounds quite an interesting story, Tejaswi. Thank you for tell it here. I respect so much the men that makes our designs reality, in your case is more amazing because you were both the mind and the hand that make it real.
        Our border with Brazil is mostly jungle, so they have to import the stone for the concrete for us, I thought it could be similar to your region.

      3. Yes, it is. We have lots of sand, but using that as an aggregate has ruined our rivers and our beaches. First they stole it, now they are openly taking it, with the government doing nothing about it. It is a sorry tale, here too. Nothing to do but wait until it some day hits them back.

    1. Interesting, so (although I’m afraid to write something actually quite wrong if not dumb ) it’s not true that you don’t have a smart phone? I had one but it died so know I’m free with a simple one, the kind to just send text messages and make calls.
      That made me remember the plot of a tale, the character arranged the facts in a way that, although they happened and were quite real, in the order and omission she said that it wasn’t true.

  3. An avid reader, to me, is a very sexy person – one who loves to read, always has knowledge to share.

    …volcano of my head erupted in a lava of irritation …… You’re a poet, Francis :)

    1. I like good stories, doesn’t matter if they are in the shapes of tales, history, philosophy, science, arts, or poetry as the marvelous stories in your words *_*
      I don’t know what is poetry, but I’m grateful that your soul of poet find some of my words interesting :3

      1. Others would say weasel instead of wise but thank you! Big words from a sweet friend ☺ thank you from a reader that love your words of poetess ;-)

  4. So happy to hear all of your stories — even if they turn out to be rants :)
    I hope that you have a beautiful spring!

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