A signal from the hills

A signal from the hills

Once upon a time I was walking the countryside with a beautiful friend. She saw two subtle hills of the same size and pointing to them she told me “see, two breasts!” I laughed and as she knew my spicy imagination she expressed me her surprise because I didn’t think first that analogy. I didn’t know the reason neither. I reviewed mentally several images and I noticed that with those hills usually I title them with names as “two brothers” or “delicate waves across the ground of a sea of ichu”, but I didn’t think in anything erotic 😇, and if you dear reader are a male you know we cannot just stop to think with our erobrains, and if you’re a lady then you already know that our eyes have this double vision undressing you in one thousand and one nights of fantasies.

But I discovered the answer… in our culture hills are usually sacred, so we dance and pay to the earth with more solemnity there, we bond our mythic origins to specific hills, so for that reason I know understand why my names for compositions with hills have this aspect of almost reverence (but for other things my nasty vision works as usual :P 😈)

23 thoughts on “A signal from the hills

  1. I cannot help but think I am being a very bad influence on you, Francis hahaha :D
    But nicely written.. very true.. that is how we think, or do not think because of the taboos or sacred nature of a few things.. :)

    1. haha, the bad friends always corrupt the good one, no! just kidding. In this case I’m allowing these funnier posts as a balance to the angry or formal ones (other cultural obsession of us in the southern Peru) And you’re right, I couldn’t noticed it if a person from another culture wouldn’t drew my attention about that observation.

    1. Amazing! :O you have wonderful parks, in fact English parks are taught us at University. I remember warmly a mathematical park, but the name is already forgotten, your photography would make it even more wonderful!

  2. I’m fascinated by your point of view! I’m also fascinated that you think of breasts only as something erotic, especially since their primary function is to nourish another life. Are you familiar with the phrase “Mother Earth”? Is it the same as Pachamama?
    P.S. – You’re so lucky to have a friend who offers a different point of view….as well as a spicy imagination ;)

    1. Oh, some accidents made me think in breasts as a delicate part to caress more than nourish. When kid my parents had to work so the maternal milk was left usually in bottles, also the traditional fashion of long skirts (one woman can use several at the same time) made highlight the beauty of women usually in face, breasts and waist; and there was an accident when kid, I went to a parents’ reunion in the school for my little brother in the kindergarten, in the end I saw her teacher reclined in a strange posture, so I saw to see what has happening an then I saw she was opening her blouse for her baby :$ her expression of embarrassing moment always made me feel that it was something intimate even in those moments. Now I told to the youngest of my brothers when I see him: “I’ve seen the breasts of your teacher” haha, well, better I stop before a stone comes to my head from Kansas :P

      Pachamama means Mother Earth, but we never represent it as a woman, instead we actually treat to the Earth like a mother, the other day I tried a bit of Pisco (our local brandy) and the first sip was for the earth, in our culture we never share food except with the closest to us or in celebrations as a way of respect. So as we see the Pachamama we don’t get the image of a woman but the earth herself.

      P.S.- Life needs spicy details so I’m grateful too :-) Besos!

      1. That’s a great story! And it’s interesting that your brother’s teacher responded in such a fashion considering how many Peruvian women I’ve seen unabashedly whip out a breast to feed their child.
        One of the things I learned in Child Development Class is that you don’t make a big fuss when children are curious about the human body. If they think it’s something wrong or forbidden, they’ll start asking questions. It certainly left an impression on you didn’t it? :)
        So “Mother Earth” isn’t allowed to retain any female characteristics. Muy interesante….
        Besos! :-)

      2. I like to think a great impression D: I thought it was the same in US for what is screen in TV series. In Peru instead popularly like to see the place of the woman where the back loses its name.
        Well, Pachamama has female characteristics, but more the maternal ones in psychology or soul Besos :-)!

  3. Hills are spirit… But, when I think about it, breasts are spirit too. Thanks for so much candor and beauty Francis. I am so glad you’re there.

    1. In our land yes, they are spirits but also they are like as grandparents, in the sense that in our myths we came out from them, like a birthing. For that when Spaniards came with Christianity we both had problems to understand the religions of each other, one had a silent God that happened to be also three (Catholic version) and we had this kind of pantheism. Breast as spirits, could be :-) you have such a beautiful way to see life!
      Once I had a relationship with a girl in the capital and she told me once that she liked I was morbid and sweet at the same time xD ah well, memories. Thanks for your time and your special way to see dear Caroline. Kind regards from somebody that thinks you’re a marvelous person.

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