Santa Catalina – An adventure in color

another tale of another princess in hope of a green prince

Another tale of another princess in hope of a green prince

The photographs of today were made with a film camera, a Samsung ECX-1, and a roll of Kodak Ektar 100. There aren’t skilled laboratories around me so I had to take a photograph of the negative and invert it in a special program, because if you just invert it simple turn to a bluish image. It take a lot of time and it’s my first processed roll, I hope you find one of your taste.

taking a sunbath in the patio while talking about old times

Taking a sunbath in the patio while talking about old times

These photographs were shot inside the cloisters of Santa Catalina de Siena Monastery, a colonial small city for the aristocracy. It’s said it’s the biggest of the word but I cannot find references to confirm that data.

blue bliss in the light blessing the stair

Blue bliss in the light blessing the stair

Among the several rolls of film Ektar 100 is the most saturated so ideal for colorful compositions. Santa Catalina is a place of walls, mostly reds and blues. as a religious building I think it success in transmit an idea of peaceful meditation.

a carpet made with a shadow a wall made with trees a sky made with red and a space in blue

A carpet made with a shadow, a wall made with trees, a sky made with red and a space in blue

The little city, with its streets and plazas is a touristic attraction. The monastery still works but in a smaller corner. You know, there are no much demand to be nun these days. In colonial times people to get influence used to send their children to the church and the military, so it was mostly a monastery for the aristocracy.

a beautiful photographer in fields of a blue poem

a beautiful photographer in fields of a blue poem

And I saw this woman with red hair contrasting as a flower against the blue sky; so I felt in the urgency of take her portrait for, err, academic purposes. And this beautiful girl was for coincidence my friend Melissa! you can follow her chronicles in melissainthemiddle across the world in a way not so touristic and instead more experiential.

my respects jk

My respects (j/k)

I took the obligatory selfie but in a more original (I hope) way, a shoelfie! XD

mystic red

Mystic red

The whole city is built with ashlars of volcanic rock, painted with special paintings with eggs in the colors and with ship skin as a brush.

and one day the mankind simply vanished

And one day the mankind simply vanished…

butlers of blue uniforms and white shoes

Butlers of blue uniforms and white shoes

say o with me

Say “O” with me

there is no more food please somebody help me

There is no more food. Please, somebody help me :/

chiaroscuro of savage with red skin and green crown

Chiaroscuro of savage with red skin and green crown

three caravels navigating a blue ocean

Three caravels navigating a blue ocean

I shot two horizontal photographs to stitch this and get away of limitations of format.

the forbidden city of the red walls

The forbidden city of the red walls

And well, there were some more photos but this publication is already longer so see you another day ;-)

43 thoughts on “Santa Catalina – An adventure in color

  1. I’m usually a day behind with my commenting, but I couldn’t resist taking a peek at your Santa Catalina photos, especially after you labored to coax the images off of the film :)
    If I had to choose a favorite, I would go with “butlers in blue uniforms and white shoes”. Such a sharp contrast of light and dark makes the pillars appear as though they are standing at attention. Your photos came out much better than mine did :)
    Thanks again for showing me around Arequipa and Santa Catalina! It’s an experience I will never forget :)
    And thank you for saying such sweet things about me and my blog!
    You’ll alway have my admiration, respect and friendship. Abrazos y besos!

    1. Yes, it took so much time, I think now I hate film XD
      I couldn’t say that my photos are better, in any case I had more time to work on them, instead in your busier life you can give us nice photographs and an enjoyable article ☺
      Well, we see a happy side of Arequipa. I don’t never forget it!
      Take care so much, abrazos y besos a la distancia (>^_^)>

  2. Beautiful structures of antiquity…..mesmerizing! It’s incredible to think of all that history those structures hold. I also like the humor of your shoe selfie! Lol. Thank you for this amazing tour :)

      1. Yes, that’s strange. Did you use the link of the browser? that could be a reason, there is a kind of arrow that is for share the images, for example when I clicked it the link is I hope it helps, otherwise I’d suggest you to copy the image to your pc and upload it to your computer.

      2. It didn’t work, Francis, and it won’t let me copy and paste. I’m sorry – I may have to look for other photos from another source. Thank you for trying to help!

      3. I didn’t find it in my blog after a search, so I emailed it :S I’m so sorry for the troubles, actually I programmed my Flickr account to only be me the one who can share and download, this because time ago other person used my photos and other people thought that I was copying them -_- and as I don’t like to put watermarks I prefer to restrict the access to them. Thank you for your patience, Rose.

      1. I’d only wish for skilled labs in my country, I had to photograph with my camera and shot every frame and process them in a long week, if I would asked the negatives from a lab as I did in the past the output would be the same quality as an old cell phone camera…

      2. The same here, just I’d need to send the rolls for mail… Said that I hope to see once your work on film, I’m going to search in your blog!

      3. I have to check out if I have any on my blog. Ah yes, I have. The blog Faceless. These are processed by me, and scanned. Also, I think I posted some “sandwiched” photographs, but I am not sure.

      4. I just saw it! it’s an amazing series Inese, I remember them perfectly! but I remembered more the esthetic aspect than the technical. Nice processing of unforgettable images.

  3. If ever I make it to Peru, I will go to Santa Catalina for the colors… the blues and the reds… wow, those pictures… incredible… i pretty well like all of them, as it is usually with your pictures… but right now, just going through them, my favorite ones were “there’s no more food”, “mystic red” and the “forbidden city…” the blues and the reds again… wow… THANK YOU FOR SHARING FRANCIS !

    1. If you ever make it Peru then it’s going to be at last a happy country with a big smile drew by your presence… I think there is nobody here with your soul and heart and so human.
      I’m glad you knew about this monastery because it’s mostly a museum but your words have filled it with life. A big smile from the spring at the south of you, Caroline (-_^)

    1. Thanks James, thanks for coming (y) I appreciate your compliment, but in Peru there is no market for photography, except if you want to shot weddings (and I’m not lover of weddings, in fact I’m enemy of them XP)
      The Samsung ECX-1 is a fantastic camera, despite being a point and shoot it has a great amount of manual controls so the photos ended well as I intended them.

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