A vast whiteness closing around the world

A vast whiteness closing around the world

Since I was a kid, four years old, I always have seen strange and little people in the countryside; as always I’m just playing and running and suddenly appears this little sir or lady, I start to talk but then just see with their old eyes. Curiously that just happened when I was alone. Since then I almost think that citizens and peasants live in different worlds, they cannot see us or perhaps we exist in an inevitable way like the early star at twilight of the cloud traveling lazily across the blue. And to us they are like persons always walking the infinite landscape, staring to who knows what, like they were three hundred years old and still had eight thousand years more to contemplate the slow life in middle of the domesticated nature.

The frontier were our worlds collide and we actually talk is the market.

24 thoughts on “A vast whiteness closing around the world

    1. Thank you, it’s a nice photograph what I posted today, haha, just kidding! Yes, I customized the blog title but still it’s in study because I drew the letters but when I exported it to jpeg it got pixelated, I guess I’ll have to use word to get the image and make another changes. Thank you for notice it, Gilles! good weekend there.

    1. Yes, for that I like to go to the market when it’s crowded, you can hear the languages of thousands of years ago still alive: “uj, ishcay, kimsa” (one, two, three)
      Thank you kind lady, I was a bit bored of the one by default so I changed by a drawing made by myself, but still I’m working in get one cleaner. Kind regards ☺

  1. That’s quite a profound thought about two groups of people coexisting in different timeframes, their worlds only colliding at the market.
    This photo has certainly got my imagination running wild. It would make for a cool ghost story.

    1. Thank you MJ (I feel like a kind of Peter Parker XP) It was shot in the highway towards Ilo city, the lady was so quite as in a sort of amusement, a statue to herself.
      Besos :))))))!

      1. Hey, we’ve all been there…the trance-like state, not Ilo :P
        Personally, I go into statue mode when I have a lot spinning in my head. Or maybe somehow she knew that you were taking her photo and she wanted to help you get a good shot :)
        I recently read that the new version of Peter Parker is a half Puerto Rican, African American kid. If he can be Spiderman, then so can you…
        ….and of course, I’ll be your MJ :)

      2. Oh, also you get in that stage when you’re in the concentrated way to take a photograph :-)
        She had to be quite sensible about me because I was in a bus in movement in the highway. I stopped to read comics when they, for marketing reasons I guess, started to follow those fashions of integration destroying IMHO the stories. I grew up with the teen and white Peter Parker, I don’t know why to change his race, to me it’s not Peter anymore… BTW I’m not against diversity, but against stories bad written, for example Mr. Smithers in Simpsons is adorable, but I would be angry if they would change just because for a hetero gentleman.
        (Of course you’re already my MJ ^_-)
        Besos y gracias!

      3. Wait, wait, wait….isn’t Smithers the assistant of the mean, old, wrinkly rich fellow? Is he homosexual?
        As I understand it, the original Peter Parker disappeared and somehow this new fellow developed special spider powers. I don’t know how, but you’re right, unless it has a seamless plot, I wouldn’t read it.

      4. Yes, he’s, and he is in love of Mr. Burns! :D
        Oh, I see, I have (in Spanish) a Spiderman of the sixties, the number sixty against Rhino, and my grandmother has the second number.
        Besos from your (very, but very) friendly neighbor ;-)

      5. He’s in love with Mr. Burns?! That’s bizarre…but I guess sometimes you can’t choose who you love <3
        Besos :)

      1. May be, if we speak about Dubliners. We have another place where we sure meet – our narrow roads. Ever stuck behind a tractor for miles? ;)

      2. haha, no, never, our countryside is so rustic and with few machines that at most could be some cows, sheeps and alpacas in the road :D Thank you!

  2. This picture touches me profoundly. This woman, the land.
    And you know, the back nature looks like a city of trees… a city center…
    it’s the first time in my life I see such a thing… -_-

    1. That’s a wonderful image, a city of trees, as a kind of far megalopolis made with green leaves. I’m happy to have show you this as I know you have seen s many wonderful places ^_^
      It’s the winter in the valleys of the coast, they produce, among other things, the best sugar. Take care so much friend of noble spirit.

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